Learn more about SKB Roto Racks

Redesigned for musicians and pro audio engineers, the SKB Roto Rack Series features strength and durability, flush mount handles, and stacking ribs. Order with Free Shipping!

The SKB Roto Rack Series is designed to meet the needs of musicians and pro engineers. Gasketed covers on the front and rear allow for easy access, while the ribbed exterior design on this music rack case creates simple stacking. These units have a racking depth of 17.60 inches with interior heights available from 2u to 12u.

SKB hardshell cases are fully warranted against defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the case to the original owner. That means, if you are somehow able to break your case, SKB will provide a replacement unit or parts to repair the case. With a lifetime warranty SKB will replace the case as long as you own it..

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