Learn more about Mild Steel Enclosures (Type 12, 4)

Our line of industrial enclosures covers a broad spectrum of design needs - clamped covers, ¼ turn latch covers, window doors, dual access, panel mounting, DIN rail mounting, 19” rack mounting, etc. From small junction boxes to 4 door freestanding enclosures, we have your size. Most designs are also available in both indoor (NEMA 12) and outdoor (NEMA 4) versions. Product Highlights • NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 mild steel • Junction Boxes/JIC Enclosures - over 30 sizes - traditional clamped covers, screw covers. • Wallmounts - over 110 sizes - traditional clamped covers, modern ¼ turn doors, double doors, sloped top enclosures. • Floormount - over 20 sizes - double doors with handles, double doors clamped. • Freestanding - over 30 sizes - 1 to 4 door versions, single and dual access.

The Eclipse Junior Series, features a crisp, modern design. The EJ provides an efficient quarter turn latch system; an easy-ground galvanized back panel and an FTC style lip for superior protection against flowing liquids. The EJ is conveniently offered with a combined Type 12 and 4 rating.

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