Learn more about Swinging Rack Enclosures

These swinging wall mount rack enclosures not only provide protection, but they also let you access the rear of your equipment in a snap. With a wide range of depths from 15 inches to 30 inches and extreme variety of sizes (6u to 32u), you will be hard pressed to not find the rack you are looking for.

LINIER Swinging Wall Mount Series

Swinging version of popular LINIER wall mount cabinet. This unit swings 90 degrees from the back pan providing instant access.

DWR Series 

Unit pivots to provide access to the rear of equipment. Built in power strip slot, cable tie points, and laser knockouts.

HWM Series

Hammond Wall Mount (HWM) installs faster while providing the ultimate flexibility in depth and size for your expanding network.

NEMA Rated Swinging Wall Mount Rack

This NEMA Wall Mount Enclosure complies with NEMA type 3R, 4, and 12 to protect against dust, oil, water, and liquids.


NEMA 12 Swinging Enclosure

NEMA 12 rated swinging wall mount cabinet. Protect equipment from dust, dirt, water, and non-corrosive liquids.



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