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Our SKB Rackmount Cases offer reliability and security for your expensive and sensitive equipment. With these shock mount SKB Cases you can rack and ship your equipment knowing it will travel safely. The portable rack mount cases provides military grade protection, are under a lifetime warranty and ship free. Open, foam interiors, shock mounted, designed for shipping or stacking, and much more, Rackmount Solutions carries the full line of rack mount cases designed to protect equipment in transport and on-site. Need help finding the right rack mount case? Our team of experts works with SKB daily to find cases that match your exact needs today and into the future. Contact us via chat or by calling 1-800-352-6631 to find more information on these lifetime protective rack mount cases.

Million Mile Warranty

Every SKB Portable Rackmount Shock Mount hardshell case is unconditionally guaranteed forever. That means, IF YOU BREAK IT, WE WILL REPAIR OR REPLACE IT AT NO COST TO YOU. SKB cases have been on the road since 1977 and have spent a good deal of time flying equipment for military combat operations. These are tough cases built for a lifetime of service. You won’t see this kind of coverage from other case companies.

20"d Portable SKB Shock Mount Rackmount Shipping Cases

SKB’s new Roto SKB Shock Mount Racks feature a 20" deep rack frame installed in a roto molded tough shell with an integrally molded valance that eliminates the metal valance on the outside of the case, coupled with a rubber gasket on both the front and rear doors for water resistant protection. The integrated molded valance, ergonomic handles, and recessed, heavy-duty twist latches allow these cases to meet most ATA and military specifications.

As well as roto molded toughness and ATA ratings, new elastomeric shock technology has replaced the metal coil system to provide an increased level of protection to valuable equipment. Field-replacing our standard shocks with other Size elastomeric shocks can easily accommodate multiple weight bearing requirements. This new Shock series has the recognizable Roto X pattern and they are stackable within the series.

24"d Portable SKB Shock Mount Rackmount Shipping Cases

The new Industrial Roto SKB Shock Mount Rack cases from SKB Cases have a completely redesigned frame with threaded steel rails and aluminum cross components forming an "H" shaped rigid configuration. Featuring a Patent Pending Compound hinge system and field replaceable latches that allows the lid to swing out and completely around to lie flat against the main body of the case, or you can go lid-less with an effortless lift motion and reinstalled with the same ease in seconds.

The front and rear lids are designed to protrude into the base of the case approximately 1" and their unique double wall structure makes them incredibly stiff where this intersection occurs. Making this new generation of shock racks mil-spec sealing characteristics with significantly fewer latches than most competition. This allows for rapid deployment in an up-right configuration -- even when stacked. The standard depth front to rear rail is 24" and each lid is 4" deep. The new SKB shock-rack system stacks securely with the wheels on or off and this revolutionary design is also the only shock rack that will open front and back while stacked.

28.75" and 30"d Portable SKB Shock Mount Rackmount Shipping Cases

SKB’s new shock mount case design is an eight unit 30" deep roto-molded shock rack which should be an instant success with all companies utilizing the deeper servers such as the new Dell and Compaq. Nobody else manufactures a rotationally molded shock rack that is 30" deep and that fits inside the center portion of the case.

This new case has all of the same great features as the 24" deep Roto Shock Series. Standard features include: (patent pending) compound hinged doors, black powder coated stainless steel latches, removable 4" casters, eight HM-245 elastomeric shock (load range of 40 to 150lbs.) with provisions to add additional shocks for an extended payload range, gasketed doors and pressure relief valve. 28.75"d SKB case features a square hole/10-32 rackrail combination. Perfect for servers requiring square hole rackrails. 8u and 10u Size.

iSeries SKB Shipping Cases

These SKB Injection Molded Military-Standard Waterproof SKB Cases are molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, featuring a gasketed, water and dust tight, submersible design (MIL-C-4150J) that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage.

SKB iSeries material is 3.366 times the strength of the Pelican material, and 3.444 times the strength of the Hardigg Storm material. Even with our slightly thinner wall thickness, our case exhibits 2.62 times the impact resistance of Pelican, and 3.32 times the impact resistance of Hardigg Storm. To make the point clearer for fellow redneck NASCAR fans, you could not break a new SKB 3i series case with a 5 pound sledge hammer, swinging it as hard as you could!

Waterproof Laptop Cases from SKB

This new SKB Injection Molded Mil-Standard Submersible Laptop Computer Case is molded of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin, featuring a gasketed, water and dust tight, submersible design (MIL-C-4150J) that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage. These SKB heavy-duty cases easily accommodates virtually any PC or Macintosh laptop up to 17".

Plasma Screen SKB Case

This exciting SKB case design protects and transports fragile monitors. A rigorous program of independent testing has documented superior levels of impact protection during the most severe laboratory controlled drops. Rotationally molded for maximum impact resistance. 


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