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Rackmount Solutions carries LAN Tables, LAN Racks and Power Classroom Tables for your office and work environment needs. Both rack mount furniture designs include multiple configurations and loads of accessories to complete your furniture.

This IT Furniture ships out and assembles quickly. LAN Racks are designed for modular expansion and adapting to your needs. The Computer Classroom Training Tables offer units with and without built in power for electronics. With multiple accessories to choose from, both styles offer great versatility for your workspace, classroom, or training environment.

LAN Racks

Heavy duty and Medium duty Applications. Great as a work bench, modular office desk, and heavy shelving unit. Multiple accessories available to customize and make your LAN Station fit and adapt to each environment. Adjustable Height, Assembles in 20 Minutes. Ships in One Day!

Computer Classroom Training Tables

High quality computer classroom tables with built-in power. Great in a classroom or office environment. Extra thick table for product durability and long lasting quality. Multiple widths and depths available to fit your space. Adjustable Height, Assembles in 20 Minutes. Ships within 3 Days!

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