Learn more about Vertical & Side Wall Mount Enclosures

First off, it's perfectly safe to mount your equipment vertically and not horizontally. With a vertical wall mount, it's even better because you won't have an enclosure protruding 36 inches from the wall. These vertical wall mounts let you mount up to 8u of rack equipment in a sleek and less invasive box hanging from the wall. Select from solid tops to prevent anyone from seeing the equipment, or plexiglas tops where you can monitor from a distance. 

VRS/P Series

Mounts servers and networking equipment in a vertical position. Great for closets and areas where space is limited. Solid or Plexi hinged top. Optional fans. Keyed locks for additional security. From 4u to 6u mounted options. Universal Square mounting holes.


Vertically rackmount your datacom or telecom equipment. Choose from a Plexi or Solid hinged top. Keyed locks. Adjustable rackrail. Optional fans available. Multiple heights to fit your networking equipment. 10-32 Tapped mounting rails. 

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