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For Dirty Environments or when room temperature is not adequate, these air conditioned server racks are designed and manufactured to meet NEMA 12 standards. Go Green! Made in over 112 air conditioned server cabinet sizes, rackmount, or sidemount, with BTUs from 2K to 20K. The air conditioned server rack sizes listed here are a small sample of the a/c racks available. Call (800) 352-6631 or email to find exactly what rack mount air conditioner works in your installation.

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Why do we call this AC Cabinet Cruxial™?

Why do we call this server rack cooling series Cruxial™? Because our air conditioned racks can save your equipment from burning up in less-than-ideal areas. Whether a warehouse, dirty environment, or a room where the ambient air is not enough, this Air-Conditioned Server Cabinet allows installation of sensitive electronics in harsh environments. Planned obsolescence is not part of Rackmount Solutions' mentality. We focus on U so you can confidently buy, rack, and move on to your next project.

Who buys Air Conditioned server racks?

Fortune 500, Manufacturing, Education, Government, Military, Financial, Legal, Medical, Communications, Retail, Non-profits, Energy, Aerospace/Defense

Custom Air Conditioned Server Rack Options:

Heights: 48u, 44u, 42u, 40u, 35u, 30u, 24u
Widths: 19"w, 23"w, 24"w, and 28"w
Depths of 24"d, 30"d, 36"d, and 42"d

These custom air conditioned server racks are not available for online ordering. We can design and size for any situation. Contact us at 1-800-352-6631, or complete an AC Cabinet Checklist to have a representative respond as soon as possible. Our standard non-contained air conditioned server rack configurations are the 7k BTU CRUXIAL-COOL-42U and the 10k BTU CRUXIAL-COOL-42U-10K.

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