Learn more about Eltek DC Power Systems offers a wide range of DC Power Systems from Eltek. Eltek flatpacks are powerful, versatile, configurable, and scalable systems, and are an ideal power solution for a variety of network / telecom industries. Fill out our DC Power Systems Checklist, or contact a DC Power Specialist at for help selecting the right Eltek power system for you.

Eltek Flatpack S Eltek Flatpack2 System
Eltek Flatpack S System
Offers optimal reliability and a wide range
of communication features, with a shallow
depth making it suitable for most all cabinets.

Energy Star Rated
Eltek Flatpack2 System
A versatile, scalable, and highly-
system tailored to fit
specific customer requirements.

Energy Star Rated
Eltek Compact DC Power System Eltek Trilogy DC Power System
Eltek Compact DC Power System
An industry-leading system optimized
for the demanding power needs of
wireless communications and
broadband access equipment.

Energy Star Rated
Eltek Trilogy DC Power System
With a maximum depth of 16 inches,
the Trilogy system brings the
Flatpack2 modules to applications
where space is limited.

Energy Star Rated
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