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Airflow Management Products by Upsite Technologies

Keep your server racks and equipment cool and save money in the process. With Upsite Technologies KoldLok, HotLok, and AisleLok products you can optimize your server room and datacenter cooling efficiency to levels that pay for these products on their own. Need white papers or studies on this airflow? Simply contact us and we'll provide the resources.

KoldLok - Raised Floor Airflow

Saves 48% more energy than any other brush grommet on the market. Designed to significantly reduce bypass airflow issues and improve cool air delivery through perforated tiles and floor grates. Select from internal wave and brunch grommets, split grommets, and round grommets. These grommets are easily installed, and feature industry leading bypass airflow reduction.

HotLok - Rack Airflow Management

HotLoks are engineered to avoid high temperature intake air by controlling the ability of hot exhaust air to reach the front of IT cabinets. With a 99.97% effective seal, top in the industry, these snap-on blanking panels instantly increase equipment reliability by reducing hot spots and controlling the airflow.

AisleLok - Aisle Airflow Containment

The AisleLok series from Upsite, addresses bypass airflow and subsequent effects on data center cooling. Their latest product line features a magnetic quick install modular containment. Add baffles and doors to your Hot/Cold Aisle in minutes! Studies show that 60% of conditioned air is lost in bypass airflow. Stop wasting enormous amounts of energy.

EnergyLok - Environmental Monitoring System

EnergyLok focuses on the environment around your equipment, reporting on the temperature, humidity, and even leak detection. Monitor your equipment, set alerts for abnormal temperatures or humidity, and quickly react to environment changes. Monitor on a single dashboard from anywhere with internet service.

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