Learn more about Cantilever Rackmount Shelves

Whether you need a solid cantilever rackmount shelf or a vented shelf, we have plenty of two point mounted rack shelves ready to be put to work. From light duty options holding only 50 pounds to the bruisers of the bunch supporting up to 150, pounds we carry them all.

Heavy Duty Cantilever Relay Rack Shelves

Small lip at front of shelf to prevent products from sliding. Turn shelf over to mount as flat surface. Supports from 70 to 150 pounds of networking equipment.

Standard Duty 2-Post Rack Shelves

This is the standard network 2-post rack shelf throughout the industry. Select from steel and aluminum options.

Light Duty Cantilever Network Shelves

This light duty 2 post rack shelf is made of 18 gauge steel and vented to provide additional airflow. Only supports 35 pounds, but still a reliable choice for your network rack.


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