Learn more about KoldLok Raised Floor Airflow

A study conducted by Upsite Technologies determined that up to 60% of cooled air does not reach IT equipment air intakes. Unsealed openings in raised flooring causes bypass airflow that contributes to hot spots and cooling inefficiencies. The Koldlok raised floor airflow management products are designed to significantly reduce bypass airflow issues and improve cool air delivery through perforated tiles and floor grates. Sealing raised floor openings will, in turn, save you money!

Brush Style Raised Floor Grommets

The Koldlok Brush Grommet saves 48% more energy than any other brush grommet on the market. Designed to seal openings prior to communications cable or power cable installation. The Koldlok Split Integral Raised Floor Grommets allow tiles to be moved without capturing cables. These units have a second layer to provide grommet support locking in the air and preventing the brushes from becoming flimsy over time. These will last longer and provide better airflow management than the competitors.

Wave Raised Floor Grommet & Cover

Patent-pending wave shaped thermoplastic elastomer offers the best sealing against bypass airflow. Over 45.5 sq inches of available cable area (up to two and a half times that of brush style). Order with a cover so strong you can roll a cart over it without fear of breaking. Prevent server rack bypass airflow and seal in your air! Great for hot aisle / cold aisle containment. Wave material is UL94HB rated.

Extended Brush

Designed to seal a wide variety of floor openings; can be simply modified to provide flexibility to seal unique cable openings. Compatible with 24-inch and 600 mm tiles. These Koldlok extended brushes will extend the life of the equipment in your server rack.

2-Post Rack Grommet

Designed to seal the openings at the bottom of a 2 post rack to prevent bypass airflow and reduce the amount of contamination/particulates entering the difficult to clean area. Fits standard 19” 2 post racks with an opening of 17.5” x 3.5”

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