Learn more about Enclosed Wall Mount Racks

These enclosed wall mount racks provide additional security for your rack equipment. Not all enclosed wall mount racks are the same. From various depths, to unique features like soundproofing, water resistance, or additional security. 

LINIER Fixed Wall Mount Enclosure

Customer favorite wall mount cabinet available in multiple configurations. Includes removable side panels, locking door, and cable slots

SWR Security Wall Mount

Security wall mount with snap-in rack rails for extreme convenience. Includes laser knockouts and locking door. Free Shipping!

Rack Basics FW Series

This budget friendly wall mount ships flat and free letting you spend your networking budget on other much needed accessories. Assembly Required.

UCoustic 7250 Soundproof Wall Mount

Soundproof wall mount cabinet removes up to 15dB(A) of noise and up to 1.6kW of heat from loud IT equipment. Fans built in.

SBX Series

Economy wall mount for smaller and shorter depth applications. Includes vents, laser knock outs, and removable backpan.

Corner Security Wall Mount

Corner wall mount cabinet typically used for video or surveillance equipment. Easy one person install. Side panels are removable.

Great Lakes WM Series

Great security wall mount cabinets designed to fit in a limited space. Easily install networking equipment.

Shallow Wall Rack

Compact and shallow wall rack ideal for broadcast and performing arts stages. Knock-outs for cables and antennas.

Security Lock Box

Safely store DVRs, network equipment, and routers in this heavy duty wall mount lock box. 270 Degree swing open door.

Wall Mount Tablet Charging Station

Recharge and secure up to 12 devices with this slim frame wall mount. Great for the business, hospital, and classroom.




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