Learn more about LAN Racks & Work Stations

LAN racks, also known as LAN furniture and LAN stations are the ideal fit for someone who needs durability, flexibility, and multiple options for expansion. We have personally used these stations in our office environment for years and would strongly recommend based on their modular design and product lifespan.

These LAN racks and LAN stations assemble in 20 minutes and are a terrific alternative when your space does not require a rackmount server cabinet or server rack. If you need a custom LAN station design to fit your space we can manufacture the heavy duty LAN racks to match any floor plan. Need accessories? Check out the variety of LAN Rack options that make your networking space a bit easier and more efficient.

Medium Duty LAN Racks

The Medium Duty LAN Rack Holds 350+ lbs per shelf and up to 2,200 lbs in total weight. Assembles in 20 minutes and ships quick and flat to lower shipping cost. Made in the USA

Heavy Duty LAN Racks

The Heavy Duty LAN Rack system holds 850+ lbs per shelf, provides additional cable management, assembles in 20 minutes and ships flat and gets out quick. Made in the USA

LAN Rack Accessories

Select from additional shelves, accessory bars, casters, monitor mounts, keyboard trays, rackmount systems, and more to make your LAN Station the perfect fit for you. Made in the USA

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