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LAN Station Options

One of the best features of our LAN Tables is the ability to add multiple accessories to configure how you need it. If you want more control over your space and want the flexibility to make your area your own, these LAN Accessories can help take you there. Select from monitor mounts, drawers, keyboard trays and more to make your LAN Station different.

Kendall Howard Accessory Bar from Rackmount Solutions
Accessory Bar
24", 48", 72" and 96" widths.
2.91"h x 2"d. Installs in minutes.
For mounting additional items.
(Medium Duty Only,
Call for Heavy Duty Accessory Bar)
Kendall Howard LAN Casters from Rackmount Solutions
Locking Swivel Casters
4" Casters have a single bolt that replaces the leveler for tool-less assembly. Casters fit only the Kendall Howard series of LAN racks.
Kendall Howard Monitor Mount from Rackmount Solutions
LCD Monitor Mount
Designed specifically to mount onto the Accessory Bar. Offers the easiest installation available and a 10 year manufacturer's warranty. Just choose how much articulation you need from your mounting solution.

• Three-step installation
• Swivels 360 degrees (portrait to landscape)
• Up to 40 degrees of tilting
(depending on monitor size)
• 75mm and 100mm VESA compliant
• 40 lb max load or LCDs up to 22"
• Made in the USA
Kendall Howard LAN Drawer from Rackmount Solutions
Slide-Out Utility Drawer
2.5"h x 18.6"w x 16.75"d
Easily mounts under the work surface. Great for storing tools, office supplies and more!
Kendall Howard Pull out Keyboard Drawer from Rackmount Solutions
Pullout Keyboard Tray
19"w x 19"d
Easy to install sliding tray. Works with most standard keyboards. Extends 13".
Kendall Howard LAN Rackmount from Rackmount Solutions
Rackmount System
Bolts under LAN station in minutes with the preinstalled mounting hardware.
13U of rack space and 24" mounting depth. Universal rack rail, 400 lb. capacity.
Kendall Howard Xtra LAN Shelf from Rackmount Solutions
Extra LAN Shelving
16"d upper rack shelf. 300 lb. capacity
24", 48", 72" & 96" widths available
Must order with LAN station to avoid $100 crating fee.
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Accessory Bar for mounting additional items
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KH-5200-3-500-24 (Medium Duty Only)
24"w Accessory Bar. 2.91"h x 2"d
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KH-5200-3-500-48 (Medium Duty Only)
48"w Accessory Bar. 2.91"h x 2"d
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KH-5200-3-500-72 (Medium Duty Only)
72"w Accessory Bar. 2.91"h x 2"d
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KH-5200-3-500-96 (Medium Duty Only)
96"w Accessory Bar. 2.91"h x 2"d
LCD Monitor Mount
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LCD Monitor Mount. 360 degree rotation & 40 degree tilt. 40 weight capacity
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4" casters. Lock and swivel independently
Slide Out Keyboard & Pull Out Drawer
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Pullout Keyboard Tray. 19"w x 19"d. Extends 13"
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Slide-Out Utility Drawer. 2.5"h x 18.6"w x 16.75"d
Rackmount System
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13u Rackmount System. Universal rack rails. 24"d, 400 lb. weight capacity
LAN Shelves (extra upper shelves)
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24"w upper rack shelf. 16"d, 300 lb. weight capacity
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48"w upper rack shelf. 16"d, 300 lb. weight capacity
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72"w upper rack shelf. 16"d, 300 lb. weight capacity
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96"w upper rack shelf. 16"d, 300 lb. weight capacity