Learn more about Single Phase UPS

Single phase power is widely used in North American homes and small businesses. These single phase UPS help power your desktops, your laptops, and your networks. This UPS provides power during blackouts and prevents damage to your equipment from surges and what is called "line noise". Typically all server racks will house a UPS for protection and then an additional PDU or power distribution unit for extra outlets at the rack level. If you need help finding the UPS and PDU for your rack, we can help. Talk to a power expert today!

Keep in mind that Rackmount Solutions is also a General Electric Critical Power Distribution - Partner. For a free quote and help configuring your single phase UPS call 1-800-352-6631 and ask to speak to a power expert. We can help configure any of their popular models including the:

VCL Series
Operates at high efficiency(>95%). Ideal for PCs, servers, small networks, and electronic point of sale applications. (230Vdc)

VCO Series
Highly relative power in a small and modern design for critical applications, including telecom networks, voice/data networks, PCs, and servers.

LP 11 Series
Ideal for telecom, medium data networks, and local site protection. Built with high efficiency mode up to 97% and provides galvanic isolation to the load. (120 - 240V)

GT Series
Incorporates modular battery packs and power supplies. Ideal for expansion and retrofit installations. For small-medium data networks, telecom, and server racks. (120 - 240V)

VH Series
A true double conversion UPS. Typically used in IT and healthcare facilities, high-speed processing, marine, and motor control applications. (120-240V)

LP 31 Series
Supplying information-quality power for your critical applications. Easy to install and service. Suits a variety of applications.(220-240V)

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