Challenge Technology, A Division of Rackmount Solutions


Challenge Technology employs the best and the brightest minds in the power industry. As cliché as it sounds, we’re providing solutions, not just products. Our expert team of electrical engineers take your problems away, helping you navigate through complex power solutions that fit your specific needs. Whether you need uninterruptible power to prevent downtime, surge protection and suppressors, or electrical distribution expertise our team is ready to be your trusted advisors.

We've provided expert power solutions since 1983, and you’ll know it when you’ve had firsthand experience working with us.

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Dependable UPS systems that allow businesses to operate through unforeseen power failures and provide clean power to critical loads:

Eaton / Powerware


Uninterruptible Power Systems: Single and Three Phase, 300 VA to 1100 KVA, File Saving Software, Ferro-Conditioners, Hot-Sync Redundancy, Online Technology, Power Distribution Units.

HITEC Power Protection


Continuous Power Systems: Backup/Emergency Generators to  Unlimited KVA with Start-Up Ride Through, Power Factor Correction, Eliminates Battery Plant Failure Vulnerability.

Xtreme Power Conversion


Uninterruptible Power Systems: 300 VA to 60 KVA, File Saving  Software, Tower and Rackmount, Surge Strips, Communication and Data Line Protection.

APC / Schneider Electric


Uninterruptible Power Systems and Surge Suppressors: 300 VA to 1 MVA, File Saving Software, Rackmount, Surge Strips, Communication and Data Line Protection, Server Racks.

Marathon Power


Uninterruptible Power Systems: 500VA to 12KVA, Single Phase,  Ruggedized, Harsh Environment, Custom Designs, Super-Capacitor Back-up, Traffic Signal/ATM Protection.

GE Critical Power


Uninterruptible Power Systems: 225 to 1500 KW, Online Technology, High Efficiency.



High-quality surge protection products to protect facilities of all types and sizes against surges and other internally and externally generated disturbances:

Current Technology


Electronic Filters, Conditioners, and Surge Suppressors: Facility Lightning Protection, Redundant Failure-Resistant Design, Computer-Grade Power Panels, Noise Filtering, Selenium Technology.



Surge Suppressors: DIN Rail, Emergency Distribution, Telecom and Network Protection, Gas Tube and MOV Technology.


Innovative distribution and power management solutions for businesses and data centers:

Databar Track Busway


Flexible Busway Distribution Systems: 160 to 800 Amp Light-Weight Track Busway with Plug-in Receptacles and Drop Cords, Power Monitoring.

Anord Mardix PDU 


Custom Engineered Power Distribution Equipment: Convection Cooling Characteristics, Seismic Floor Stands, Certified Plug-in MCCB and MCB Panelboards up to 65 kA.



Proactive power quality services, maintenance, testing, and consulting to ensure the highest level of protection and productivity for operations:

UPS Service and Maintenance

OEM and Third-Party UPS Service, Annual/Multi-Year Contracts, Preventive Maintenance, Emergency Service, Commissioning, Battery and Capacitor Replacement.

Power Audits and Consulting

Power Demand/Disturbance/Harmonics Monitoring and Testing, Wiring and Grounding Verification, Evaluation of Existing Power Protection Devices,  Monitor and Equipment Rentals.

Training and Education

Power Quality and Harmonic Seminars, Troubleshooting Equipment Problems and Suspected Power Problems, NEC/NFPA Standards, Arc Flash Protection Training.