Learn more about Cisco Switch Cruxial Server Rack

The Cruxial Network Switch Server Rack is designed to accommodate the Cisco Nexus™ 7010, 7018 and Multilayer Director™ 9506, 9509 and 9513. If you need a custom network rack call Rackmount Solutions! We'll Build Them!

Why do we call this network rack Cruxial™?

Because not many server racks will accommodate the large and heavy Cisco side vent switches. The oversize requirements and need for effective airflow design cannot be met without thorough knowledge of the switch's requirements and advanced rack design.

The Cruxial™ Switch server rack meets and exceeds all published Cisco requirements for their Nexus™ and Multilayer Director™ side vent switches.

The beauty of this Cisco network rack? Everything you need to effectively rackmount a side vented switch is included. Unpack and rack, go on to your next project.

Switch Network Rack Features:

  • Due to available customization, these racks are produced at time of order resulting in lead time.
  • 2 sets of "L" shaped adjustable square hole rails on a patented aluminum extruded welded frame with bolt down base. Mounting rails are independent of the frame. Front rails are 6.5" from front panel opening and 2nd set are 26.25" back from front rails.
  • Brushed cable access top panel with (4) 4" cutouts and (2) 18" cutouts all with dual brushes in openings and grommet on metal edges for cabling.
  • Extruded front door with perforated front door insert and locking swing handle. 63% perf.
  • Complete rear door assembly with left and right (two 17.5") steel perforated doors with 2 way catch and locking swing handle.  63% perf.
  • Externally removable side panels
  • Optional exhaust ducts can be mounted to accommodate the direction you mount the switch to maximize cable efficiency.
  • Includes cushioned pallet with ramp
  • Cisco server rack ships completely assembled. 
    Unwrap and rack
  • Standard Color: Black
  • Poor Lighting? Consider White, Pearl White, or Platinum Grey to see wire pairings with more visibility

These configurations do not require internal baffling or ducting. We do offer optional intake ducts that take air from the cold aisle and exhaust ducts that direct hot air to hot aisles.

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