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Aluminum Rack Vent Panels (VTP/EVTA Series)

Highest aesthetics vented aluminum filler panels with black brushed and anodized finish. Each aluminum rack panel is made from 16-gauge aluminum and flanged for strength. Our vented rack panels have a standard 19-inch width and are available in 1U through 4U sizes.

VTP Series Aluminum Vented Filler Panels
The VTP Series features horizontal vents on a black brushed aluminum filler panel for the highest aesthetics. This black brushed anodized finish provides great durability and seamlessly compliments other brushed shelves and accessories. These vented rack panels are 20% open and . 16-gauge aluminum, flanged, and flanged for additional strength.

VTP Series Blanking Rack Filler Panels:
Rack Mounting: 19" width.
Sizes:1u, 2u, 3u
RoHS: Yes
Greenguard: Yes

EVTA Series Aluminum Vent Panels
The EVTA Vent Panel feature vertical punched pattern slots for 17% open area. Vertical perforated vents made from 16-gauge aluminum with black brushed and anodized finish for a clean look to match shelves and other various rackmount accessories. The EVTA Series of aluminum vent panels are flanged for added strength and durability.

EVTA Rack Vent Panels:
Rack Mounting: 19" width 
Sizes: 1u, 2u
RoHS: Yes
Greenguard: Yes


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