Learn more about Server Rack Security Doors, Covers & Panels

We carry a range of rackmount accessories including server doors, covers, and panels. These Mid Atlantic server rack security doors are available for a range of applications.

SECL Series
Incorporating a steel frame and a keylocked 3/16" smoked-grey plexiglass door, our SECL series locking security covers are offered in 2, 4, and 8u sizes. Each unit's depth of 1.5" easily clears controls on most equipment. Opening is 17.688"w

SL Series
SL series security covers feature a permanent plexiglass window for easy equipment viewing. Secure and cost effective - available in 1, 2 and 3u sizes. 1" deep

S Series / SF Series
Offered in large or fine perforation styles, each server rack cover is 1" deep. Includes installed rubber edging that won't mar the equipment you're trying to protect. 

SSDR Series
Our keylocked steel security doors allow front access to a select portion of rackmount equipment and are available in plexiglass, vented, and solid steel styles. Mount equipment which needs to be secured behind the solid door to keep unauthorized users from tampering. Keep equipment which needs to be client accessed in the open portion of the rack.

HTX / HS Security Screws
For Medium security mount the covers to the front of the rack rail - people walking by cannot adjust knobs, change settings, punch buttons.

For Maximum security, mount the covers to the inside of the rackrail using the HTX or HS security screws making removal of the cover inaccessible from the front.

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