Learn more about Remote Physical Monitor (RPM) System for Servers

Remote Monitoring to Protect Servers and Other Sensitive Electronics

Even with advancements in data center design, environmental problems NEVER go away. The most common physical threats are extreme temperatures, power, humidity, smoke, airflow and physical tampering, and with an estimated cost of $50 to $100 BILLION due to problems from not monitoring for physical threats, would you like for that to happen in your data center? 

The Uptime Devices Remote Physical Monitoring (RPM) series of products set the highest standards for remote monitoring system and server room monitoring, protecting your server equipment and other sensitive electronics. Using Remote Intelligent Multi Sensors® technology (RIMS) the remote server monitoring can collect environmental and security data and send out alert notifications (email, SMS, or SNMP) when user-defined limits are exceeded.

Each RIMS can record and store its readings to eliminate data logging delays and each unit has a battery backed clock to ensure proper recording. The sensors are a Daisy Chain Sensor® and up to 250 different RIMS, located up to 1000 ft away, can be connected to one remote monitoring Console Manager.

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