Learn more about DWR Series Wall Mount Cabinet

Save time and money with Mid-Atlantic's DWR secure wall mount rack cabinet. This pivoting, sectional DWR wall rack cabinet is ideal for systems in both secured and non-secured areas.

Middle Atlantic's DWR Series Wall Mount Cabinet provides easy access to equipment while keeping it secure. A popular swinging wall mount, the DWR includes 10-32 rack rails, mutliple cable management points, a built-in area for a powerstrip, and laser knockouts for adding fans or additional cable entry.

Benefits of the DWR Wall Mount Cabinet:

EASY ACCESS: Offering unparalleled access to component rear panels, the DWR Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Cabinet features an advanced cable management system in the center and rear sections. Additionally, the rear section can be easily separated from the center section for pre-mounting on the jobsite.

SECURE: A plexi front door is standard on this model. Solid or vented doors can be ordered as an option. The vented door, with solid welded construction, brings added security and still allows good visibility for the monitoring of equipment operating lights.

*On DWR xx-26 ONLY, if using a rear rail for 4 point mounting, the usable depth is 20.5. If mounting only to the front rails, you have the full 24" to use.

COMPLETE: Equipped with a locking pivoting center section, fully adjustable 11gauge, 10-32 threaded front rackrail, and a large laser knockout in the rear, the wall mount rack enclosure cabinet comes with a locking smoked plexiglass front door. 

AIR FLOW: Two laser knockouts on top and bottom of cabinet allow for optional 4.5" fan units for increased ventilation.

SOLID: Pivoting design (non-hinged) provides weight capacities of 150, 200 and 300 lbs. with no sagging of the center section when in the open position, even while fully loaded.

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