Protect IT: Seismic Server Racks and NEBS Zone 4 Server Racks

Protect IT: Seismic Server Racks and NEBS Zone 4 Server Racks

Posted by Rackmount Solutions on Sep 18th 2019

Even when the world is shaking a 19″ seismic server rack enclosure can keep your equipment safe. Many data centers reside in geographies where earthquakes and other seismic activity are very real occurrences. To insure the continuing operation of equipment and even more importantly, the safety of data center personnel during a seismic event, it is critical that all server racks and enclosures comply with at least one of the industry standards for seismic protection.

Seismic Server Rack Protection – Preventing the Shake, Rattle & Roll

Many data centers are located in regions where earthquakes are common. At an average cost of nearly $8,000 per minute of downtime, companies need their equipment to remain operational one-hundred percent of the time, even when the world around them is shaking. To insure the safety of that equipment, it’s critical for a seismic server rack or cabinet to comply with at least one of the two industry standards for seismic protection: Telcordia Technologies GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS) or International Building Code (IBC).

Telcordia Technologies GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS)

The NEBs standards were originally developed to protect the equipment during a seismic event in telecommunications carrier facilities. Obviously, it was and is important for that equipment to remain in operation one hundred percent of the time. In fact, the standard states: “The equipment shall sustain operation without replacement of components, manual rebooting and human intervention.”

To attain compliance for a seismic zone, server racks and enclosures must be tested by an independent third party. Tests utilize a shaker table that simulates an earthquake. The table shakes the equipment in a variety of directions and at a number intensity levels to simulate an earthquake. The intensity levels match the force level of UBC (Universal Building Code) Seismic Zones 1 to 4 where 4 is the most intense. (Seismic Zones are geographic delineations of areas having different potentials for hazardous effects from future earthquakes. Seismic zonation can be done at any scale – national, regional, local, or site.) Enclosures can, therefore, be rated as compliant for Seismic Zone 1, 2, 3, or 4.

International Building Code (IBC)

In contrast to the NEBS standards, IBC compliance does not require third party testing. That makes compliance significantly less expensive for the manufacturer – and those savings are often passed on to purchasers of the enclosures. IBC standards also do not measure the enclosure alone, they analyze the ability to the enclosure and its contents to comply within an entire building system.

To achieve IBC compliance, manufacturers have three choices:

  • A shaker table test (not as stringent as the NEBS standard)
  • A mathematical equation that compares potential seismic effects to objects mounted in a building (The advantage of the IBC equation approach is that it includes all of the factors that could potentially affect an enclosure.)
  • A mathematical equation that uses experience data

Because NEBS compliance testing is more stringent, all GR-63-compliant enclosures are also IBC compliant.

Seismic NEBS Zone 4 Server Rack

Certified compliant with Telcordia Bellcore GR-63-CORE Requirements for Zone 4 Seismic environments.

Based on the standard, patented frame design of the RS, RSP and FRS server rack series, this NEBS compliant configuration has been tested and certified to meet Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-63-CORE requirements for ZONE 4 seismic earthquake environments.

Included in seismic server rack price:

  • 2 sets of “L” shaped adjustable 10-32 tapped vertical mounting rails centered in the frame. Adjustable rack rails are recessed front and rear of the frame. Cabinet depth is 36″ usable space, front rack rail to rear rack rail max is 27″.
  • Heavy duty steel side panels, externally removable.
  • Bolt down seismic base with cable entry.
  • Heavy duty steel perforated doors with lockable swing handles, corner gussets and 3-way catches.
  • Heavy duty solid top panel.
  • Seismic server rack ships completely assembled.
  • Finish is powder coat, shown in pearl white. Black is standard. Other colors available.

Racks Stand Up to Earthquakes and Rugged Conditions

Solidly built of heavy-duty American steel and designed to withstand rigorous conditions, Seismic server racks are NEBS-compliant. They are also certified compliant with Telcordia Bellcore GR-63-CORE requirements for zone 4 seismic environments.

Rackmount’s seismic server rack is based on the standard, patented frame design of the RS, RSP and FRS server rack series used in telecom, network and IT environments. It is well suited to any rugged environment in which you require your equipment to resist shock, bending and vibration.

Some key highlights of the racks include the following:

  • The rack is available either as a fully enclosed seismic rack, which provides a cabinet depth of 36 inches of usable space and 27 inches between the front and rear rack rails, or an open rack that is available in four different depths.
  • The steel side panels are externally removable, and the steel perforated doors feature lockable swing handles, corner gussets and three-way catches. The rack also features a heavy-duty solid tap panel.
  • The rack includes two sets of L-shaped, adjustable 10-32 tapped vertical mounting rails that are centered in the frame.
  • The racks are compatible with most accessories, and the rack bases are easily bolted down, if desired.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Racks are available in numerous colors.

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Although it makes sense to hope for the best when contemplating disasters, it is always prudent to plan for the worst. Rackmount’s specialty seismic server racks help you do just that.

Seismic Server Racks

There are two seismic protection standards for server racks and enclosures. They are:

Seismic Zone Map of the United States


  • Telcordia Technologies GR-63-CORE Network Equipment Building Systems (NEBS)
  • International Building Code (IBC)

Rackmount Solutions’ Seismic Enclosures

Rackmount Solutions offers a variety of tested seismic server racks and enclosures that are NEBS and/or IBC seismic zone compliant. They include:

  • Seismic NEBS Zone 4 Server Rack
  • WRK Series Enclosure (IBC Zone 4)
  • VRK Series 19” Gangable Video Rack Enclosure (IBC Zone 4)
  • MRK Series 19” Rack Enclosure (IBC Zone 4)

And the ERK Economy 19” Server Cabinet is seismic rated (Zone 4) for protecting 500 lbs. of essential equipment when used in conjunction with optional ERK-Z4 brackets.

Seismic server racks and enclosures can protect equipment and staff during seismic activities. But they’re also good for rugged environments or where resistance to shock, bending or vibration is important. To learn more about server racks and enclosures that protect equipment from seismicity, or any of our racks and enclosures, contact us at 866-207-6631 or