Organize IT: LAN Stations and Racks for your Data Center

Organize IT: LAN Stations and Racks for your Data Center

Posted by Rackmount Solutions on Oct 19th 2019

You may be wondering exactly what a LAN Station is. LAN stands for Local Area Network, and these stations provide storage, work space, and support for all of your technological devices and your everyday work. Commonly used as electronics test/technology benches, lab equipment, video editing stations, command consoles, security monitoring stations, storage for spare computers and accessories, and workstations, these LANs are extremely versatile. In addition they are heavy duty and of the highest quality. 

LAN Stations: Practical and Pretty

Practical and Pretty LAN Stations: The Versatile Solution for Your Office, Lab, and Work

These stations come in two different styles: The Performance series and the Performance Plus series. Each series has different features that make either one a great addition to your space.

The Performance Series

Performance Series LAN stations are made of heavy duty steel and can support up to 1,000 pounds. They are available in several lengths (24”, 48”, 72”, and 96”), and can be figured however you like with upper and lower shelves and even a corner unit. Not only do they boast all of these features, they are also nice looking! They are also available in five different colors: African Mahogany, Caramel Apple, Folkestone, Hard Rock Maple, and Serene Cherry. There are so many options that will accommodate your space, needs, and decorative tastes.

The Performance Plus Series

Performance Plus Series LAN stations are a little more heavy duty than the Performance Series. Their shelves are supported by four posts rather than two, making them more ideal for applications where you might be requiring a bit more weight capacity on the upper shelves, and a more hard-wearing work surface. These have two upper shelves and one lower shelf in addition to the work surface, and are also available in the corner unit style. Performance Plus workbenches are available in several lengths, 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72”. However, this type of LAN is only available with a White Nebula Laminate finish. Performance Plus is also still very practical, configurable, and attractive in any workspace.

For both the Performance and the Performance Plus series, we have aton of accessories available at Rackmount Solutions including casters, keyboard trays, utility drawers, racking systems, LCD monitor mounts and mounting bars, CPU holders, ganging brackets, and power strips. Additionally, Performance Series products are typically kept in stock, whereas Performance Plus series products have a small lead-time, generally no more than 4-5 business days. So, not only do we have all kinds of LAN racks for you but we also have everything you need to make sure that your station is the perfect fit for your office or technology space.

Why would I purchase a LAN workbench when I could just purchase a normal table or desk?

Depending on which LAN series you choose, it can have two upper shelves above the workstation, and one down below it. So, if you have an application where you may need additional storage space, these are a great option. These stations also have the ability to be put on casters whereas most tables don’t, so that will give you a little flexibility in the event you might need to roll it around. LAN workbenches will accommodate your every need from storage and support to decoration and accessibility. At Rackmount Solutions, we use LAN work desks in our own office! Our sales team and customer service team have plenty of room for two computer monitors and all of their office supplies, paperwork, and other items on their desks, and they also have plenty of storage space on their shelves above.

Do you want to experience the support and functionality of a LAN workbench for yourself?

Answer: YES!

If you want to learn more about LANs or shop all of our options then go to our website at or call our expert sales team (who are sitting at their own personal LAN work desks) at 1 (800) 352-6631. We’ll help you find everything you need!

Not Everything Rackmounts … Why a LAN Rack is Useful

In the world of “rackmount” and “u space” why is a LAN Rack still a smart and viable solution for many IT departments?

Because … not everything rackmounts!

There are still plenty of companies using towers and non-racked UPSs or KVM switches. And a LAN Rack can be a fraction of the cost of a server rack.

Keeping the equipment cool is a non issue. Accessibility is easy and instant. Cable management is straightforward and simple.

Here is a comment from one of our customers who just installed a RSLAN48 into his LAN/IT room:

Hi Skip!

Just a FYI that this weekend we installed the RSLAN48 LAN rack, it went so well that I wanted to send you a picture of it in our LAN room.

LAN Rack Station

Not only myself, but everyone in Management couldn’t be more happy with the rack!

As I mentioned before placing the order for the RSLAN48 it was almost as if this particular rack was custom made for our needs & was relatively easy to assemble (minus my own lack of attention when assembling the bottom shelf which you helped me with last week.)

Thank you SO much for all your help & for selling such a superior LAN rack!!! :^)

— Charles Bevan

LAN Rack used as a Sales Station

A LAN Rack can also double as a work station for your IT staff, a tech bench for maintenance or in a sales center.

Sturdy, dependable, neutral so that it blends with most environments, LAN stations can be joined together, formed into corners, L shapes, U shapes or almost any configuration. Heavy duty versions can support up to 800 lbs of equipment per shelf on strong steel frames.

A LAN Rack is a respectable and viable piece of equipment in an IT manager’s arsenal for keeping his equipment neat, organized and easily accessible.

If you want assistance with a configuration that meets your exact needs call us toll free at 866-207-6631 or email .

Data Center Furniture (LAN…Local Area Network)

LAN racks or LAN furniture are a terrific alternative when your needs do not require a rackmount cabinet or open 4 post rack. We can design and manufacture a heavy duty LAN rack for any application or floor plan, height, width or depth.

 Before buying furniture, do some planning first and know the function of the room. Have in mind a design or layout of the space you’re wanting to create. A sketch or draft of the room with various components in place is helpful.”

The beauty of LAN racks are most are modular and can be combined in hundreds of configurations, especially in a large lab or room. Set them side-by-side or use a corner unit to make “L” shape or “U” shape configurations. Units range from medium duty, 300-500 lbs per shelf to heavy duty which can support up to 850+ lbs. Perfect for heavy towers, UPS batteries or just stashing obsolete equipment that can’t be discarded.

Follow the Link below toview our LAN products.

Data Center Furniture for your Enviorment

When adding data center furniture to your environment don’t jump to the Swedish store for the cheapest available. The area you will be working in requires furniture that is flexible, durable, and typically has a variety of accessories to work with as you expand or adapt. Start by considering the quality. This piece of furniture isn’t for a college dorm room, this LAN Rack will be used as a tech bench, holding heavy equipment and possibly require mounting capabilities for monitors and tools so it’s best to find something quality, made in the USA, with a Lifetime Warranty.

Purchasing furniture also requires some forethought on shipping logistics. Are you purchasing something pre-assembled? Will it fit through doorways and hallways? Is this shipped knocked down, saving cost, but requiring you to put it together? How difficult and how long will it take to place together? These are all questions that need to be considered before you purchase. We recommend an easily assembled, knocked down version of quality IT furniture.

Find furniture that is modular. Having the ability to adjust to new demands, add sections, or add components down the road will save massive amounts of money. Also having the ability to built vertically will save you valuable space in your data center.

Need help mapping our your space of finding specific accessories for your future IT furniture? We have a catalog of USA made options in various colors. Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or by completing the contact form below.