Learn more about Acoustiquiet Soundproof Server Rack

The AcoustiQuiet™ integrates acoustic material into the manufacturing process, absorbing undesirable noise while allowing free air movement and heat exchange in your environment. 

AcoustiQuiet™ is a series of soundproof server racks designed to enclose extra loud rack-mounted equipment. The AcoustiQuiet™ series removes up to 20.7dB(A) of noise from the front of the unit and as much as 24dB(A) from the back, while dissipating up to 3KW of thermal heat. Use this to your advantage when sitting the soundproof server rack in the room where other people/desks will be located.

***Custom / Made to Order / 2+ Week Lead Time / Non-Returnable***

With a volume order or purchase agreement, we can manufacture to other sizes, depths, and widths up to 33"w and 42"d. 

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