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Happy SysAdmin Day!

To honor all of the System Administrators that continue to keep our networks running to perfection, we're offering free freight shipping on all Hammond Products when you spend $1,000 (Continental US Only) for JULY 29th ONLY! Stock up on racks and supplies when you combined with our other current free shipping items!

Below are links to items that qualify for free freight when you spend $1,000 - including NEMA Cabinets, Seismic Server Racks, Colo Cabinets, Wall Mounts, 2-Post Racks and more.

DCZ4 Series GR-63 Zone 4 Seismic Cabinet

Is your data and networking equipment threatened by earthquakes and seismic forces? With the DCZ4 Series cabinet you can rest assured that your equipment is safe and prepared for these events. Our pre-configured seismic cabinet includes, frame, square hole rails, side panels, vented doors, and a solid top, but we can customize to fit your needs. Add bottom panels, unique top panels including fans or vents, and various doors.

CLC Series Colocation Cabinets

Looking for a UL Listed Colocation Cabinet? Built in North America these colocabinets are designed to accomodate 1-4 bays of equipment. Need a specific depth, size, or additional bays? We can find the right Colocation Cabinet for you. Call 1-800-352-6631.

HDME Series NEMA Server Cabinets

Protect your equipment from a rough environment. Whether it's a workshop with dust and particles or an assembly line where oil and moisture loom, the HDME Series will keep your equipment running like new.

SDC Series Multi-Use Server Rack Cabinet

The SDC Series is a multi-use rack cabinet providing numerous options for equipment rack mounting. Ideal for securing rack mount equipment in spaces where room for a traditional rack or cabinet limited or not available. The configurations below include vented front and rear doors, but multiple options and items can be selected to configure the perfect cabinet for your space.

NEMA Wall Mount Racks

The EN4DH Series protects against the toughest environments, meeting NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 standards. With up to 26u of rack mount space, this wall mount rack cabinet can protect a sizeable amount of equipment. This swinging wall mount also provides quick access to the rear of your equipment saving you time on your installs and maintenance.

Heavy Duty 2-Post Racks

The Hammond DNRRHDW 2-Post Network Racks are extremely ruggid and heavy duty. These Hammond racks are designed to support your rack mounted infrastructure regardless of the equipment. If you need a high performance, highly reliable, heavy duty data or network rack the Hammond DNRRHDW Series is ideal for you.

Seismic Relay Racks

The Hammond GR-63 Zone 4 Seismic 2-Post Rack DRZ4 Series boasts a ruggid design constructed of 10-gauge welded steel. This UL Listed 2416 Hammond network rack is rated for up to 2,000 lb of static equipment.

Swinging Center Pivot Wall Mount Rack

With multiple sizes and adjustable depth the HWMR is the perfect versatile solution for an open frame wall mount rack. Featuring a unique center pivoting rail, this rugged open frame wall mount rack can handle up to 220 lb of networking equipment.

Adjustable DIN Rail Bracket

Tired of equipment sticking out of your rack? Use our adjustable depth DIN Rail Rack Bracket system. It mounts directly to your 19" width EIA standard rails and then adjusts by depth to give you more freedom.

Rack Mount Monitor Bracket

Mount your monitors with ease using our rack monitor brackets. Available in two sizes which accommodate from 15" screens to 32" and above. Add monitors to your racks today!