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Power protection for your valuable electronics — either at home or office — can be mission critical. With quality Eaton Office UPS and Home UPS you can be comfortable knowing you will have advanced power protection. These battery backup devices offer a range of standard to advanced Home & Office UPS protection. Eaton home and office power protection combines high quality, reliability, and affordable prices. These Home & Office UPS devices also include free remote management software.

Eaton 3S (550-750 VA)
Eaton 3S (550-750 VA)
Learn More - Eaton 3S (550-750 VA) – Home UPS, Office UPS
The Eaton 3S UPS is an idea home or office UPS. Protect your sensitive electronics from occurrences such as lightning strikes, power spikes and failures, and other events that take out power without warning.
Eaton 3105 (500-700 VA) – Home UPS
Eaton 5110 (500-1500 VA)
Learn More - Eaton 5110 (500-1500 VA) – Office UPS
The Eaton 5110 UPS provides line-interactive backup power and voltage regulation for workstations, desktop PCs, telephone equipment and other sensitive electronics. Office UP for small and medium businesses.

Which UPS is right for you?
  3S 5110
VA range   550 & 750 500-1500
Topology   Standby Line-interactive
Voltage regulation tick
Cost   Premium Premium
Output receptacles   Up to 10 8
Energy savings tick
Plug-and-play tick tick
Integrated shutdown capability ick
Wall-mounting   tick
User-replaceable battery   tick tick
Three-year warranty (including battery)   tick tick