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What Our Customers Say!

Package was received in good condition. Website is easy to navigate.
Joshua Gamble

I did not have any issues with post delivery or support. Upon my very first contact, I received an email from Deborah Petty within minutes. That is great customer service!
Cathy Honsinger

The products are high quality; I haven't had a need for post-delivery service or support.
Jason Watson

was very satisfied with the quality of the products and the speed in which the products were shipped.
Brian Davenport

Price was great and quality of the product is excellent.
Christopher Hand

I have never had a problem with anything I have ever ordered. I know that if I need anything related to a rack mount including racks and enclosures I can find it on your site.
John Bellerose

Easy-to-use web site. Had no problems. Would recommend to others and would do business again.
Kevin Riggle

Everything was great and quickly shipped. Site navigation and speed of processing/delivery was good.
Damian Zell

I value internet ordering, website clarity, speed/low cost shipping.
John Kovats

I have not had any problems with any of my orders. When I have called to talk to someone everyone has been very nice and helpful.
Justin Nolke

Your tech support is already great. I actually ordered the wrong part and your salesman caught it. Thanks for taking care of me.
Jeremy Lyon

Product was properly protected. The very large and diverse items you stock. I like ordering from one place and being done.
John Patterson

I was very happy. I don't think you can improve anymore, you've hit things perfectly.
Ray Brase

Excellent service, I buy my rackmount items almost exclusively from your company now. I do not have to follow up multiple times, you are a once and done company for resolving my rackmount issues.
Jason Schafer

The rep I worked with was very knowledgeable. The product was packaged adequately and arrived in good order.
James Moore

The fact that I did not have to utilize your customer service is what I value most. I got what I ordered with little extra effort required.
Alex Mcgraw

Very good product and very responsive on the phone.
Dave Mahar

You are always easy to do business with, will continue in the future.
Matt Jefferson

My review was quite favorable. Your products and services are excellent.
Peter Kunzke

Product was just as pictured on web site and assembled easily. Originally some confusion on the shipping of a part left off the original shipment, but it was resolved to our satisfaction.
Joel Ray

Online ordering with reasonable prices and a good selection of products.
Frank Reyes

You have what I need, and ship it out quickly. Pricing and shipping seems to be reasonable.
Andrew Raulston

Thanks Brittney, ya'll help me look good!
T. Scott Sanders

Very satisfied with the product and experienced no problems. Quality products that are promptly delivered at a reasonable cost.
Laurie Butler

Was easy to find exactly what I was looking for. Specifications were clear and accurate.
Jet Set Games

Very satisfied. Easy to contact with questions (since I was not very familiar with the product.)
Brad Kanarr

Hi Henry, I got the rack, I love how the wheels just snap, that is really cool. Now we need to see if it floats (just kidding!). We put in the UPS and a switch, it works great, now I am waiting for the server to be put in. Anyway, just wanted to let you know, looks good. Thanks.
Saptoyo Soemampauw

Melissa, thank you very much for the invoice. The order was delivered this morning. We will definitely contact your company for future orders.
Evelyn Chala

Customer service and knowledge were excellent. Most people are in the dark when it comes to these types (soundproof enclosures) of products.
Stewart Segura

From where I stand your company did everything right. Can't tell you where to improve if everything is right on the money. Web page was very easy to use, specs clearly marked.
JR Criswell

Ease of web use. Clear description with PICTURES
Robert Sansone

Easy to locate and order the ladder parts I was looking for. The overall picture of a ladder rack system helped the most. Very useful picture.
Michael Mahpari

I was very satisfied with the product and how it was packaged. I value the price, selection and availability.
Jason Cohen

Repeat customer, everything is great. The shipping was extremely fast, thanks.
Rusty Allison

We are VERY pleased with the rack we purchased. It was used to mount 8 radios, 2 power supplies and a JPS ACU1000 interoperability gateway in our mobile communications truck (a former ambulance). I have but one comment ... the cooling fans we bought to go in the rack are WAY too noisy. They are a distraction to our field operations and I need to find a quieter solution. (note we sent him Quiet Fans to replace)
Don Gruver

Keep it this way, you are on the good track!!! My guitar rig is crazy!!! Thank u.
Nicolas Morin

I know that i am buying quality products that i know can be implemented into my network infrastructure the day i get them and include everything down to the last screw that says is included with the product.
Jonathan Pitzen

I was very happy with the post-delivery service. Good selection.
Robert Cameron

Actual people behind the ecommerce front-end web site. When I ordered, my credit card required a verbal authorization and someone called me very promptly to follow up. Very nice!
Craig Constantine

Product was excellent. You had exactly what I needed. You have a good product at a more than fair price.
Charlie Morden

I was very satisfied with the transaction and valued the rapid response and excellent customer service.
Mike Petre

Product arrived in good condition. I have not had any issues. I have always been treated well.
Josh Morris

Our purchase experience was pleasant and we'll keep you on our list of vendors.
Gary Harrison

Excellent value, ease of ordering, value for money.
Hunter Anderson

I have had only one returned item in all the months I have been reselling Rackmount Solutions line of products. I'm satisfied with everything - both sales and after sales customer service.
George Oyedele

Great customer service. I will buy from you again.
Jim Reno

Excellent service and quality, unique variety of material.
Mark Hagan

I can access your website to search for an order what I need in only a few minutes ... VERY convenient. I was quite pleased with the product and ordering process. Everything went smoothly, I will be purchasing from you again. I did have to "adapt" 2 two-rack unit height wall mount brackets for the four rack-unit height equipment I was mounting. The only room for improvement would be in product variety.
John Rowe

I enjoyed the very quick process from order to item arrival. Although we ordered PDU's for an existing rack, the service was bar none excellent. I would recommend Rackmount Solutions before any of the other overpriced vendors out there. The value is exceptional and we had no issues with our order. We will use Rackmount Solutions again in the future.
Keith Sauer

Good post delivery service. Availability of service rep on the phone.
Nolan Feliciano

I was very satisfied with my ordering experience from Rackmount Solutions. Support is very good. Purchased drawer rack system. The handles for some of the drawers were too long. Correct handles were shipped next day at no charge to me. As I must purchase a variety of items from many vendors in doing purchasing for the government, a company that responds as you did is a valued asset to my job.
Kent Bennett

Loved the product. I will be ordering more in the future. The representative I talked to was very helpful in recommending the items I needed to complete my installation. He suggested several options that all fit the need. He was very knowledgeable about the products and installation options. It was a pleasure doing business with your company.
David Theis

I currently have not required post-delivery customer support, but quick response to emails and phone calls is always what I value most in other vendors. I valued your quick shopping and delivery and in-stock parts, since we typically need parts on an ASAP basis for our clients.
Tim Maese

Impressed with quality of products and how sturdy it all was. Nicely done!
Dr. Mark Hale

This was my first experience with Rack Mount Solutions and I would not only order from you again, I would also highly recommend you to other professional associates.
Patrick Lietaert

The entire process was great! You have what I am looking for that no one (other vendors) can seem to find. Your support and customer service and purchasing process from quote to invoice is great!
Greg Long

Quick shipping, prices and user friendly web site for internet purchasing.
Chad Giddens

Very satisfied with quality equipment at excellent prices.
Steve Evans

Quick turnaround from order to delivery, quality of product, clarity of site.
David Campbell

Very satisfied. Quality of product, knowledge of sales reps and speed of service.
Pines Computer Consulting, Inc.

Good value, fast delivery, personal touch. For an internet dealer you have a great personal touch to your service.
Todd Warner

Fast shipping and a quality product at the best price around. Two good combinations for someone running a business.
Corey Watson

There was some slight damage to the shipping material, but it protected the equipment so that we received it damage free. Quick service and email updates with shipping/tracking info.
Jason Gurtz

We are very satified. Professionalism and communication are most important to me, keep up the good work!
University Village - Kim Woodring

Great products, dependable service, fast shipping. What more could I want? I like the quality of the products and the fast shipping. I also like the inclusion of mounting hardware with my orders.
Richy Mitchell

Rackmount Solutions did not carry the product we requested (laptop charging cart). However, in the past when we have ordered from we have received the utmost in professionalism, promptness and courtesy from our account representative.
Mary Trost

You don't need to improve. When you provide a product at a fair price, and back it up with quality service, how can you? I do not buy many racks, but I would not buy from anybody but you.
James Lint

The wallmount rack was easy to install and strong enough to hold the gear and cables which were attached. Very satisfied with selection and quality of product.
Michael Friedman

Item was received efficiently, service was excellent.
Dana Samm

Easy web ordering.
Jeff Wovkulich

Everything was great! I was taken care of immediately and it was very quick and easy to order.
Jesse Stafford

Very satisfied with your customer service. Too many companies lack customer service. I appreciate having friendly people to help me with my needs identifying a product and getting a quote and getting timely helpful support in the event there is a problem.
Charles Dilger

Great customer support and shipping/pricing. Detailed measurements of products to help plan, prepare and deploy prior to receiving the product.
Jorge Ruiz

Customer support, phone support, product knowledge
Jerry Noble

Deborah, thank you for making my life easier and signing up as a county vendor. More orders will be comimg through and I will let our networking depart,ment know you're a county vendor.
Javier Gutierrez

You rock Melissa! Thanks to you and the others at your company for a pleasant purchasing experience. I will be sure to keep your website bookmarked for future requirements.
Thomas T. "Tommy" Warshaw III, TsSgt

I am very satisfied with my business interactions with Rackmount Solutions to this point. I will continue to order parts. You have quick email invoicing that is very clear; good tracking on orders; quick shipments and good customer service.
Matthew Brockman

We are very satisfied with the quality of materials and knowledge of sales people.
Harris Bockol

Customer service and price. Very satisfied.
Michael Wodnicki

The railkits arrived this a.m. - THANK YOU!!! You make my job easy - I wish my other suppliers were as 1/2 as responsive as you - you rock!
Susan Shutts

You recently assisted me on an order for a 16U Wall Mount Rack and some cable management accessories. I just wanted to thank you for making it a very smooth and easy order to place, everything arrived in the time frame you said it would and was packed like it was ready to survive a war zone. My question is: Do you offer terms for those wanting to place large orders? Let me know. Thanks Again.
Rob Wood
Asst. Network Admin

Thank you Brittney, we are very pleased with the racks we have purchased from your company and have every intention of using you again in the future as the need for more racks increases. I notice the colored CAT 6 cables you have in your new section, and will most likely be getting those when my current supply is exhausted. Thank you. 
Steve Gifford
IT Supervisor

You will be my first choice for the equipment I need. My rep has always been great and I trust her. Thank you.
Jimmy Pulley

I appreciate the quick quotes and quick answers to my questions! (Prices are very competitive, too!)
Glenn Lindamood

Sales was knowledgeable and the product quality was top notch.
Steven Chemello

I had a pleasant experience purchasing from your company. There was prompt and knowledgeable service.
Jason Riley

Very satisfied with assistance of design and product to meet my needs.
Jerry French

You have fast, knowledgeable and very nice reps!
Damon Lim

Your service is excellent and your website is good. We are very satisfied with the speed of shipping and quality of products. 
Howard Kissick
Longview, Texas

Very good service with my experience. We value the fast shipping and good website. 
Keith Hough
Edmonton, AB Canada

The rack we purchased has fit our needs and was exactly what we were looking for. Trying to find similar products on the internet was not an easy task. We first tried all the store websites like Best Buy and CDW and couldn't find anything that would work.
Kevin Roe

Very satisfied with the service. When I had a question it was answered promptly and the person that responded was knowledgeable. The time between placing an order and receiving the shipment was also very pleasing.
Sean Kirk

Valued quality of service and quality of the products. The wall mount racks are the easiest and best I have worked with.
Shane McNiel

Website was easy to navigate and order process was great. Will buy from again.
Kevin Aland

You seem to carry a wide range of products. It makes it nice to have a supplier that's both reliable and will have whatever I need.
Alex Nocenti

I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with your company when I recently purchased some LAN workstations. Although we haven't had a chance to put it together since we are still in the process of moving, the boxes look great. In fact, we will most likely need more equipment here soon, and I know exactly who I'm going to call. Thanks Again.
Ricardo Rivera

Thank you very, very much for getting our order out quickly. I really appreciate it!
Roxanne Garcia

We placed an order with Rackmount Solutions a few weeks ago and have since received the items.  All items were received quickly and in good condition.  I had also requested shipment of correct-sized replacement screws and clip nuts for the angle brackets, which was received quickly and in good condition.  I am very pleased with the quality and value of the products.  Although we have no immediate requirements for additional rack equipment at this time, I will definitely consider using Rackmount Solutions for future rack equipment purchases. 
James Roeb

Everything I have received from you guys has been in great, working order. You have a great selection and easy-to-navigate website.
Russell Warren

Hi Susan,
Thanks for the follow up email. Your customer service is really above and beyond. When I requested the annual cert form to get Rackmount Solutions on our approved supplier list it was amazing to receive it back the same day. Especially since engineering needed the items asap. I sincerely appreciate all your efforts in helping us with the forms, quotes, and processing orders.
Andrea Roten

Prompt attention to requests was greatly appreciated and help make my work easier. Thanks!
Jon Ruhnow

The product I received was not a good fit for the application. The staff happily took my return and helped me select a better product. It was delivered to me in the same week. Customer service was great!
Ozzie Santiago

Your ability to take care of customer's needs, quality of product and price are the aspects of your services I value the most.
On-Site Computer

Wrong product shipped, Sue Wynne IMMEDIATELY corrected the problem. I don't have time right now, but I will get back with you and tell you about my OUTSTANDING experience and COMPLETE SATISFACTION with Rackmount Solutions.
Gerald Sotolov

Susan, thanks for taking care of us - Rackmount Solutions is now our standard for all racking solutions with our clients!
Todd Beasley

Henry, I got the bolts and channel nuts in the mail this afternoon. Installation complete, and the rack does exactly what I wanted. Thanks.

I value the personal attention the most, although I didn't have any issues. I enjoyed the sincerity of the emails about my order. It was human and not computer generated, as most web sites use.
Nathan Bales

Fast response, concerned reps who want to do the best for their customers. Great product selection, good value/competitive pricing and fast shipping.
Cheryl Hofmann

Everything was satisfactory with the Rackmount order. I will forward your email to our sales guys so that they will keep Rackmount Solutions in mind for any possible future orders. 
Anne Finnan

Clear, precise information on the website allows me to shop without question.
Bruce Musetti

Everything was great! Will be ordering some more stuff from you very soon!
John Hartlove

Senior Network Enginee>

Deedee, it's been a pleasure doing business with you, and I hope to do more in the future. Thank you.
Larry Mynk

Order submitted (Order Number: 14100). I always buy all of my rackmount needs through, and recommend it to my clients. I always check with you guys first! Keep up the good work and the great selection!
Ben Nutting

Thanks! This rack has been a great solution of some tight server spaces in some of our mini-branches located in grocery stores.
David Wallace

Extremely knowledgeable on all of the products, fantastic!
Mike Hupka

Thanks Deedee, the first rack/cabinet, as well as your service has been great. I have recommended you to several colleagues.
Bill Pilkington

Manager Information Systems

Always found your team to be very knowledgeable and you have a great selection of hard to find items that we need during installs, deployments, etc. I always check with you first.
Eric Burke

The lady I dealt with - Deborah Petty, was Very helpful and PROMPT. I am happy.
Michael Pomerleau

Sr. Electrical Engineer

Prepay and bill will be fine. Thanks Julie. BTW, you guys have great customer service and I have always enjoyed doing business with your company. Great Products, Service, and follow up. Thanks Again,
Robert Stewart

Your quick response times and great packing ensured no damage during transit!
Mark Asato

Very fast support and Susan provided multiple quotes for different solutions when we built a system for our clients. We use your products now, so are comfortable in reselling your equipment to our clients.
Greg Hammonds

To Rackmount Solutions,
"I have just placed another order with Rackmount Solutions. I was having difficulty with getting a response with another supplier. The quick response to my order from Rackmount Solutions convinced me to look there first as a better supplier."
Thank you,
Austin Armbruster

Deedee, we actually received the rack yesterday, should have shelves today. Thank you so much for getting it here in a timely manner. You made me a hero for the hospital. I will certainly keep your information on file for future projects!

Hi Susan
Thank you for helping me with my needs for this rack! Thank you very much for the vented back door. I will refer you to everyone I know of who is looking for any racks or equipment!
Keith Hamilton
Information Systems Specialist

Julie, you and your company have been absolutely fantastic. You've handled a situation that I should have taken care of a long time ago and yet you were still very helpful. I greatly appreciate it. Thank you,
Hans Peter

Good pricing on an outstanding selection of gear.
JMark Quilhot

Your customer service is great, the fact that I did not have to contact anyone to resolve issues is the best thing that I can say about your organization. The shipment was very prompt, the order was accurate and everything arrived well packed. I was EXTREMELY pleased at the level of service from your organization.
Jamie Price

Rudy: I just want to take a moment and say Thank You again. I have just swapped out the power strips and life is even better than it was! I'm glad I decided to take the online survey! The defective unit should get shipped out today. I look forward to building my next kit so I can deal with Rackmount again!
John Spohnholtz

I have never installed servers in a rack before. I was familiar with the concept, but Susan did a great job helping me learn all about your rack products and what would work best for my needs. She also went what I considered above and beyond to compare shipping options and saved me some money by recommending alternate delivery options. It was a great overall experience dealing with anyone I talked to at your office. I was pleasantly surprised at your prices and glad I could purchase all the parts I needed and stay below budget. Susan helped me identify all the accessories I would need to properly mount my the equipment and keep it all organized. The only issue I ran into was not enough screws/cagenuts for all the shelves and wire management accessories. This probably was a assembly error on my part, and I was able to improvise on some of the aesthetics, but I ended up with a couple hand fulls of fasteners and nuts that didn't match.
Alex Zielinski

As my server room has grown, so has my need for rack accessories. I researched several companies and chose Rackmount Solutions. When my need for a new rack arose, I, of course, went to Rackmount Solutions. The rack that I received is a basic 4-post rack. I thought nothing special of it when it came in. There is nothing special about this rack. What was special, and different, was the packaging. Each piece was wrapped and tagged with a part number. A checklist listing each piece and quantity was included and the checklist showed that the packaging was inspected. It wasn’t inspected by “Inspector #58”. It was inspected by somebody with a name. Thanks Rackmount Solutions!
Traci Henn

To Rackmount Solutions
"I have just placed another order with Rackmount Solutions. I was having difficulty with getting a response with another supplier. The quick response to my order from Rackmount Solutions convinced me to look there first as a better supplier."
Thank you,
Austin Armbruster

Thank you so much for staying on top of this and keeping me informed. This is the first time I've purchased cabinets, and your company made it easy, and affordable. In the future, I hope to have a whole floor full of racks and will definitely be buying from you guys again.
Please feel free to pass my comments up the chain.
Scott Haines

Michele, the rack arrived UPS freight on 6/13/07 at 5:10 PM. I was more than pleased with the quality of the rack. In fact I was so pleased I recommended your company to another shop that uses rack mounted equipment. Also, the UPS Freight service and driver were top quality. I would comment that the pallet that was used for the shipping of the rack was too small for a power driven hand cart to be able to fit into the pallet for lifting and moving. This made it difficult for the driver to unload it, but being the professional he was, he was able to unload and deliver the rack inside the building without and damage. Again, thanks for a quality product and service.
Bob Fleming

Ms. Petty
I want to thank you for your prompt response and that this will help me out immensely in attending to the demands of my customers. I will pass on this information and speak very highly of the way Rack Mount Solutions does business. I will recommend any one looking for computer storage needs, deal with you guys. Once again thank you for your time and effort to help me out.
Todd Keilholtz

Mr. Torres,
The quote and shipping address are correct. I would like to again thank you for your professional and outstanding customer service.
Sherri Young

Thank you for all of your help. I have to say that this has been one of the most pleasant shopping experiences that I have had.
We will definitely be back.
Again, thank you.
Steve Tasu

Thank you. I must say I am impressed with your company. You have been very good about communication. I am under a tight schedule and appreciate that you are on top of this and going to ship on time.
Thanks again,
Pat Schlimme

I am writing to you to thank you for the prompt shipping of the item I ordered with Rackmount Solutions. Although it was only for screws, we got the right ones at the right time and this makes the difference. Thanks again,
Vittoria Grandi
Head, Electronics Branch

I just got the rack shelf I ordered yesterday. It was exactly as the pictures on the website showed and it arrived, not on time, but a day EARLY. It installed easily and is exactly what I needed.
I feel odd thanking you for this, but in today's retail environment I feel it is needed and deserved: Thanks for being cheerful, knowledgeable and, above all, capable. Having someone on that end of the phone who can and will do their job properly makes it easier for make to do MINE.
I will certainly take any future rackmount needs to you and Rackmount Solutions. Have a great day!
Roger Hanna
IT Services

Hi there-
I wanted to let you and everyone know at your company how happy we are with the network rack we purchased from your company. Everything arrived on time, as promised, and it looks GREAT! We are shipping it today to a tradeshow and I have gotten a few dozen compliments on it already (pics enclosed)
Dave Parry

I wanted to drop a line to let you know how impressed I have been with the service I have received from your company since my first dealings with them back in June. Acme Packet has been doing business with Rackmount Solutions for a while, but I just started ordering items from your company in June. Everyone there has been great at getting me the products that I needed in timely fashion and the follow up has been very impressive.
I really appreciate that you send the tracking information for every shipment. It's very helpful to me as the customer to know that I can track my shipment at any time. Plus everyone that I have spoken with, starting with Susie back in June to Michele in the last couple weeks, have been very very friendly and just great to deal with. It makes my job so much easier. I feel like I am calling old friends.
I really recommend your whole organization. You are one of the best vendors that I deal with. I look forward to working with you all again in the future. Keep up the good work!!!!
Melissa Waltz
Marketing Coordinator

It's rare to find quality service alongside excellent pricing. Rackmount Solutions has provided us both. Deborah's timely and personal handling of our account has made purchasing a breeze.
Geoff Peters

The Racks just came in. We got them off the truck and stored away perfectly. Thank you for all the great Business. Look forward to dealing with you again.
Jonathan Padilla
LLSAP Technician

Your sales team has been very good at getting back to me. Thank you. I also think your prices are fair to good. I will definitely be doing more business with you in the future.
Thank you
John Utter
System Support

Thank you very much for the prompt service.
Cirilo Rosado
Director of Enabling Technologies

I have to say I am quite impressed with your company. From ordering to shipping to assembly everything went as smooth as could be.
Jim (if I recall his name correctly) took my order and just to make sure I had everything, even included extra screws so I wouldn't be left hanging during the assembly phase while on the job site. I received my rack and accessories in only 3 days and had everything I needed to get the rack together and functional within a reasonable amount of time.
This was the first time I have had to order a server rack and your staff quickly offered assistance to find the right one to fit my customer's needs. Rackmount Solutions was the first company I came across while searching for equipment and as it stands right now, your company will be the only one I need to deal with again when it comes to ordering server racks or closet equipment.
Thank you for the great service. You have a new customer for life.
Richard Gardner

Thank you. Excellent products and outstanding services. It arrived here well before I anticipated.
Herschel Murner

Thank you so much for your help. I have ordered the screws that I was looking for and I shall await their arrival. Your organization has been fantastic with its customer service and I commend you for that. I also greatly appreciate your willingness to help small order customers such as myself.
You have my sincere thanks,
Craig Smith

Thank you, this invoice delivery method is very convenient. Most importantly, thank you for all of your effort to ensure that the products arrived by the deadline.
Troy A Ussery
President, CEO

The rack is perfect! I can tell you that now I feel bad questioning your knowledge. If we ever need anything of this type again, I can assure you we will order through you.
Del Heinemann
Manager, Information Technologies

Yes, everything is great. We will look to you when the need arises for additional Rackmount Solutions. Thanks for all your help.
Don McClean

Thank you for contacting me. I am currently assessing my needs for another enclosure. I should have specs ready for quote sometime within the next couple of weeks. I will contact you regarding this in the near future.
Just to let you know, I am extremely happy with the other enclosure and accessories that I purchased before.
Thanks again!
Lyle Schadegg
Technical Manager

I would like to commend you for your excellent customer service and quick delivery time for my recently placed order. I had a time sensitive project and your company provided me with the products needed to complete it on schedule. Your company will definitely be my first choice for future rack solutions needs. Sometimes it's nice to hear positive feedback from your customers. Please feel free to forward this to your supervisors. Once again, thank you and have a great holiday.
Keith Gibson
Vice-President, Strategic Development

Thank you very much. Rackmount Solutions is one of my favorite vendors that I deal with. Thanks for making my life just a little bit easier.
Wendy Baines

Hi Henry, we received the rack last week. It looks great and is working well. Thank you for making this purchase very easy and quick.
Craig Gillund
Hardware Engineer

We have been extremely pleased with the quality of the rack we have purchased from your company, since it not only provides a safe and filtered environment for our cluster, but it is also an aesthetically pleasing component of our lab. At the moment we are busy populating it with nodes, but I've forwarded this email to my supervisor and perhaps someone else within the department is looking for a rack source. Thanks,
Jose Solomon

Wouldn't you know it Michele, I received two identical emails. Comcast is a jewel in the rough, let me tell ya. It was a very enjoyable experience with you on the phone. You're what customer relations would show in Webster's by way of an example. Good humor too. Coffee of all things to build a comedic base for a conversation; better than the idle chit chat of "How's the weather down/up there", though, anyway thanks again.
Take care,

Thank you very much for your support. I will see to it that whenever my company needs something in your line of products (and we can live with a decent lead time), we are going to come to you. Your way of doing business is, unfortunately not very common, in Europe. Your way to work is what we want to have in our company as well.
Frank Wenzl

I want to write and thank you for all your help when we placed our order for the custom lan furniture. We received the shipment in a timely fashion and assembly did not result in any hindrances. To our complete satisfaction, we find the units to beperfect for our needs.
They are sturdy and durable and I am confident they will last a very long time. Please extend our rave of support for your products to all involved.
We will be sure to contact you again should the need arise for more units.
Pam King and Dennis Leonard

Just wanted to let you know, we are very happy with the racks and delivery of them!
Thanks again. Would you please send me a copy of the PDF of the invoice on this order for my records when I need to order them again.
Maria x7334

We are very satisfied with your previous service and would look to your organization to fulfill our future needs.
Jean Stein

Efficient - I found what I wanted to order on the Web.
Accurate - The product and contact information was exactly as stated on the Web site.
Professional - The phone order was professional and accurate.
Service - Got here REALLY fast!
Will be ordering from your company again, as soon as I can figure out what I need next. <grin>
Michael Kindig

Dear Deborah ... I am very satisfied with my order ... you all run a very nice business. I definitely plan to come to you all for anything else for my gear.
Peter Martucci

Deborah, you have taken care of me and I plan to use you every chance I get. Thanks.
Tony Fry
Level III Senior Network Engineer

Thank you very much Debbie. I can't tell you enough how pleasurable it has been doing business with you. Rob will be working on returning the wrong items from our Natick, MA site.
Andrew Obach

Very satisfied. If we need your products again we will call, I have no complaints.
Rod Last

Warm Greetings,
We are very pleased with the half rack that we purchased from your company. It was exactly what we were looking for, and for that matter, your company was the only one we could find that offered a half rack. We have you listed as a level 1 vendor, with great customer service and excellent products. We will look to your company for any hardware needs in the future.
Geary Johns


Everything was great, quick order process, quick ship. Like they say on eBay ... Great seller A+++++
Bob Brown

Yes, I think the order was handled in a very professional manner. It is a very well built, nice rack. Thank you!
Greg Elam
IS Consultant

I was quite satisfied with my past purchases from your company and will definitely consider you again for my future needs.
Dan Russell, MCSE
Information Technology Manager

Our last order was handled very professionally and courteously and we plan on doing business with you again.
Andrea Walton

I'm looking forward to working with you this year and am working on several new management people as a few sites. .The cabinet we ordered was perfect and I will be in touch for an additional server cabinet.
Bernie Allen

I was pleased with my last order an plan to order again in the near future. The only thing I was dissatisfied about what the particular item I wanted was out of stock so I purchased something that was slightly more costly.
Overall I am pleased and understand it is difficult to keep a continuous stock of every item
Eric Blevins

I have absolutely no complaints at all with our last order from We got a good product at a good price with quick shipping and order fulfillment; what more could I ask for? Thanks
Brian Kinsey
MIS Coordinator

We are satisfied with your product and with the ordering process and the service that we received. When the times comes that we need a rack or one of your other products we will call again.
Robert Glockenmeier

I was very much satisfied with the way the order went and way that you handled the account and would love to do business with you in the future.
Rose Fiumara

The server cabinet arrived safely and intact and we've just unwrapped it as of Monday. It's beautiful and the workmanship truly shows through. If I were going to make one for myself I'd hope it turned out like this.
I would never hesitate to order additional items from you or recommend you in any of our publications' articles on network management or other systems management aspects.
Thank you for the great service and for a very fine server enclosure!
Keith Bumgarner

I received the rack in perfect condition. I set it up immediately. Although I struggled with the screws to attach the base (I stripped several trying to align them, but finally got them in tight). I am very happy with the rack. I designed a CCNP study test lab with my Cisco routers and switches and your rack is perfect.
My table was sagging from their weight and your rack was the perfect solution! It is not very expensive, compared to all others I found on-line, and had the 72" height which I could not find elsewhere. An 84" rack is too tall for my room.
Thank you for the solution!
John Drysdale

Thank you very much for your assistance. We were able to access the information on the UPS site with the numbers you supplied.
It is very nice to see a company so responsive to their customer's requests. It is such a rarity these days. You will certainly be receiving future orders from us.
Thank you
LeRoy Davis

Thank you!!! We are getting ready to install the cabinet this weekend.
I have to say that the amount of customer service you have given me is just super and way out of what I am used to getting. I would have never expected that from an on-line company ... still waiting for CDW to get back to me and that was two weeks ago. You can definitely include my name in your referrals database.
Thanks again for all your help
Joe Asencios
Network Manager

I want to thank you for your diligent efforts in helping me out with my project. Unfortunately, we have decided (actually our client made the decision) to pursue a cheaper and (in my opinion, less functional) solution.
It was a pleasure trying to do business with you.
I will most definitely keep Rackmount Solutions in mind in the future (and it sure would be a whole lot cheaper and easier if you folks manufactured in California).
Rusty Usry

I think your company and your service is fantastic and I will be ordering again!!
Freddy Tenaglia

Thank you for your assistance, we appreciate everything you have done for us and we look forward to working with you in the future.
CS5 James Graham
Special Operations Command

Thanks for your excellent services of quick response as well as the shipment schedule arrangement for the RSLAN72 server rack. As we expected, we love the server rack very much!
Calvin Tran
Lab Manager

I got the new fan on Wednesday and got it installed right away. It is super quiet compared to the one I returned. I sincerely appreciate the super support I've received on this issue. Keep up the good work!
David Brown

Thank you. I have received all materials and am very pleased.
Malachi Russler
Customer Support Specialist