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SPDU20-0U Power Commander

Keep up with the ever increasing management demands of your data center with Power Commander® IQ Network- Controlled Power Distribution Units (PDUs). Monitor temperature and current from any web browser!

Power Distribution Unit

RS232/RJ45 ports facilitate network connectivity.

Ammeter provides visual monitoring capabilities.

SPDU20-0u Quick Start Reference Guide Quick Start Reference Guide
SPDU20-0u Operations Manual Operations Manual
SPDU20-0u Optional Temp Sensor Manual Optional Temp Sensor Manual

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Secure remote access for all power outlets, giving users the flexibility they need to manage the ever increasing loads placed on IT infrastructure.

The vertical 0u configuration has current and temperature monitoring, critical in today's higher power density environments. TUVus Listed to EN60950-1, ensuring safe and reliable distribution of power.

SPDU20-0u Power Commander IQ Features:

  • Remote access. Access via HTTP web browser, Telnet,
    SNMP, external modem or email.
  • Unique email feature. Allows user to send control commands via email (POP3/SMTP).
  • Convenient Access Control List (ACL). For assigning
    access rights.
  • Network security. Includes user name and password
    authentication (64-bit encryption) and IP screening for
    each outlet.
  • Embedded Web server. Enables user to easily change
    settings, view or alter system status.
  • AutoPing feature. Constantly monitors the IP address and executes a power reboot whenever the system is down.
  • Current (AC) and Temperature monitoring. Via TCP/IP
    network or local direct connection. Temperature monitoring requires optional Temperature Sensor, Cat. No. PDU-TS1.
  • Monitoring includes settings for user defined alarm
    threshold. Alarm methods include: Audio buzzer, email,
    TRAP or data log, and alarm message time interval.
  • Programmable. Each outlet can be programmed to turn
    on/off per calendar and/or real-time clock.
  • Multiple network connections. One RS232 Master Service port and one 10BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet port.
  • Versatile. Mounts easily to most industry standard cabinets and enclosures.
  • TUVus. Listed to EN60950-1
SPDU20-0u Specifications

Specifications for SPDU20-0U

SPDU20-0u Mounting Options


  Description Dims. Price
Remote Vertical Power Distribution Unit.
Twenty (20) 15A simplex outlets. Black housing.
Temperature Sensor Probe 
Uni-bracket mount.
Alternate 3rd style bracket for mounting.