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AmeriCool Portable Air Conditioners

AmeriCool portable air conditioners are a great solution for data center cooling, spot cooling in your IT closet, server room or any other areas with a heat buildup.

In addition to server room cooling, these portable air conditioners have many commercial applications, including; laboratories, work stations, warehouse offices, manufacturing areas and more.

AmeriCool WMC-2500 AmeriCool WPC-3000
AmeriCool WPC-4000

AmeriCool WMC-2500
Learn More - AmeriCool WMC-2500
Compact 10,000 Btu/h all-purpose portable air conditioner; standard 115V, 10amps outlet

AmeriCool WPC-3000
Learn More - AmeriCool WPC-3000
Compact 13,200 Btu/h all-purpose portable air conditioner; standard 115V, 15amps outlet

AmeriCool WPC-4000
Learn More - AmeriCool WPC-4000
Versatile 16,800 Btu/h portable air conditioner; 115v, 20amps

AmeriCool WPC-5000 AmeriCool WPC-7000

AmeriCool WPC-9000

AmeriCool WPC-5000
Learn More - AmeriCool WPC-5000
Spot cool or room cool; 21,000 Btu/H portable air conditioner; 230v, single phase

AmeriCool WPC-7000
Learn More - AmeriCool WPC-7000
Convenient portable air conditioner; 29,000 Btu/h; 230v, single phase

AmeriCool WPC-9000
Learn More - AmeriCool WPC-9000
Flexible 37,000 Btu/h portable air conditioner; 230v, Single phase

AmeriCool WPC-15000

AmeriCool WPC-23000

AmeriCool WPH-4000

AmeriCool WPC-15000
Learn More - AmeriCool WPC-15000
Powerful and portable 61,000 Btu/h cooling capacity; 230v, Single phase

AmeriCool WPC-23000
Learn More - AmeriCool WPC-23000
Powerful and portable 92,000 Btu/h cooling capacity; 460v, Three phase

AmeriCool WPH-4000
Learn More - AmeriCool WPH-4000
18,500 Btu/h Heating,
16,800 Btu/h Cooling capacity;
115v, Single phase