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URack Series Wall Mount / Under Table Rack Mount

The versatile Cruxial URack Series comes in 2u, 4u, or 6u, and is perfect for when you only have limited space. Made of 14 gauge steel, the Cruxial URack under table rack mount supports up to 200 lbs. Great for audio gear, networking equipment, and more.

Cruxial Series Table Top Racks

Use 10-32 tapped screws or flip over for m6 cage or clip nuts
Mount IT Equipment on 10-32 or Universal Rails.

Vertical spacing for hanging servers

Popular Product Overview:
Cruxial Series URack

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The Cruxial URack Series is a simple, cost-effective, wall mount and under desk shelf mount that racks equipment either vertically or horizontally. Mount 19" rackmount servers, modems, KVM switches, audio equipment, recording equipment, or patch panels quickly and easily. Utilize forgotten space such as under a desk or conference room table.

Why do we call this wall mount Cruxial™?
Because it has square holes and 10-32 tapped holes. It's about versatility and changing needs. The Cruxial URack Series adjusts to meet your needs.

Who buys this URack?
Everybody. With universal holes and tapped holes, the Cruxial URack is a perfect fit for any small space and any environment. There is no industry in which it is not well-suited for IT / Network equipment.

Quality Manufacturing
Planned obsolescence is not part of Rackmount Solutions' product development mentality. We focus on U so you can confidently buy, rack and move on to your next project.

Cruxial URack Series Mount Features:

  • The under desk rack mount utilizes small spaces
  • Available in 2u, 4u, 6u
  • Made in USA
  • 19" width
  • Supports 200 lbs
  • Universal square mounting holes or flip over for 10-32 tapped - you choose!
  • 14 gauge steel, cold roll steel
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Optional: Rack screws ordered separately

Hardware to mount to your wall is not provided.

Made in America
RoHS Compliant

  Description Rack U Internal
6"d, URACK
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2u Cruxial™ U-Rack wall mount or under desk rack
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4u Cruxial™ U-Rack wall mount or under desk rack
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6u Cruxial™ U-Rack wall mount or under desk rack
Optional Screw Packs
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50 piece 10-32 rackmount screws in a reusable container with lid
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SC Cage Variety Pack
25 sets each of 10-32, 12-24 and M6 screws with attached washers and matching cage nuts  
25x 10-32
25x 12-24
25x M6
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SC Clip Variety Pack
25 sets each of 10-32 and M6 screws with attached washers and matching clip nuts  
25x 10-32
25x M6
Cage Nut Insertion Tool
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Cage Nut Tool
Cage Nut insertion tool for cage nut bodies