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Wall Mount Rack and Wall Mount Cabinets

When you don’t need a full server rack or cabinet, consider our wall mount racks and wall mount cabinets.

Enclosed or open, wall mounting a rack or cabinet is a versatile choice conserving space and money. Our wall mount racks & cabinets come in dozens of sizes, heights, depths and models. Select a wall mount rack or cabinet for your server room, tight closet, over-the-desk, classroom environment, supervisor area or warehouse.

Fixed Wallmount Rack Enclosures
LINIER fixed wall mount cabinet, Wall Mounted Cabinets SBX Data Wall Mount Frame, Wallmount Cabinet

Ucoustic 7250 Soundproof Wallmount Cabinet

LINIER Series Fixed
Wall Mount Cabinet

Removable side panels makes life easy
Standard 19" width
20.5"d (usable)
6u, 9u, 12u, 15u, 18u
PCI Compliant Wallmount Enclosure

SBX Series Fixed
Wall Mount Cabinet

Economy solution
for smaller applications.
Useable depth: 14"
7u and 10u
PCI Compliant Wallmount Enclosure

UCoustic 7250 Soundproof
Wallmount Cabinet

Soundproof Wallmount Cabinet
removes up to 15dB(A) of noise
and up to 1.6kW of heat from
loud IT equipment
12u, 18u and 21u

SWR8, Wall Rack Enclosures
12U Corner Wallmount Rack  

SWR Security Wall Rack Enclosures

Snap-in rack rails make wall
mount adjustments tool-less.
8u, Usable depth: 20"d
PCI Compliant Wallmount Enclosure

KH 1915-3-700-12
12U Corner Wallmount Rack

Superb corner wall mount for
video or surveillance equipment

Swinging Wall Mount Rack Enclosure
Linier Series Swinging Wall Mount Cabinet, Wallmount Racks DWR Series Wall Mount Rack, Wall Mount Cabinet  

LINIER Series Swinging
Wall Mount Cabinet

Removable side panels, swings out 90 degrees from back pan
Standard 19" width
21.5"d (usable)
6u, 8u, 12u, 15u, 18u, 22u
PCI Compliant Wallmount Enclosure

DWR Series Swinging
Wall Mount Cabinet

No door, plexi, vented, or solid
Available in three usable depths:
15", 20" and 24"d
7 heights: 10u, 12u, 16u, 18u,
21u, 24, 25u, 35u
PCI Compliant Wallmount Enclosure

Fixed Open Frame Wall Mount Racks
WM Relay Series, Wallmount Racks
RR Series, Wallmount Cabinets
WMS Series, Wall mount Shelf

WM Relay Series Wall Mount Rack

Self-squaring wall mount rack for
mounting data or telecom
Useable depths 13" and 19"
8u, 12u, 15u, 30u

RR Series Wall Mount Rack

Versatile rack hangs from wall,
ceiling or mounts under table or desk
Set to your desired width.
8u and 12u

WMS Series Wall Mount Shelf

For non-rackmount items
14"h x 17"d x 20.5"w Black

Swinging Open Frame Wallmount Vertical Wall Mount
GLSR Swing Gate, Wallmount Rack Kendall Howard Pivot Rack VRS/P 30"d Vertical Wallmount

RSGL Swing Gate Rack Series
Wall Mount Rack

Open wall mount rack design swings equipment out to greatly simplify wiring tasks.
Usable depths 12" and 18"
12u, 19u, 26u (18"d) 12u, 20u (12"d)

* NEW *
Kendall Howard Pivot Rack

Quick access to your components with this Pivot Rack. Pull the hinges to pivot the front down. Sizes 4u & 8u

VRS/P Series Wall Mount Cabinet

Mounts equipment in a vertical position.
Standard 19" width
30"d & WRS/P 23"d
3 heights: 4u, 6u, 8u
PCI Compliant Wallmount Enclosure

Side Mount Cabinets
GL24WE Server Side Wall Mount Cabinet, Wallmount Server Racks
12u Sidemount Wall Mount Rack, Wall Mount Server Rack SPM Series Wallmount Sideways Rack

GL24WE Server Side
Wall Mount Cabinet

Mounts servers sideways on wall
PCI Compliant Wallmount Enclosure

Sidemount Wall Mount Rack

20"d, allows 4 point or 2 point
rackmount equipment

SWPM Series Wall Mount Rack

For mounting hubs and other
components sideways flat against
the wall. Useable depth 19"
2u and 4u

Wall Brackets
HPM Series
URack mounts to wall or under table, Wallmount Racks 
Universal Computer Wall Mount, PC Wall Mount

HPM Series Wall Mount Rack

Simple, cost-effective wall mount rack for
19" rackmount components
1u, 2u, 4u, 6u

U-Rack Series Wall Mount Rack

Place on your wall or under the table,
Rackmount vertically or horizontally,
depth not an issue
2u, 4u, 6u

Universal Computer (PC) Wall Mount

Mounting a PC to a wall or any flat surface could not be any easier than using a universal PC wall mount.

Several of the wall mount cabinets have multiple options for front and rear doors including plexi, solid steel or vented. The rack rails are either 10-32 tapped or universal square. All wall mount rack doors are lockable and secure. Units with locking doors are the WM series, DWR series, SBX series, SPM series and the VRS / VRP series.

Best buy on a fully enclosed, locking, wall mount rack for the longer servers such as Dell, Compaq, HP, etc. that need at least 30” of depth.

If security isn’t an issue, consider the RR plain wall mount rack, WM or GLSR series. The GLSR wall mount rack swings open, allowing easy manipulation of cables. The WM is a fixed version and extremely economical. Just need a shelf attached to the wall? Consider the WMS. It’s big, easy to mount and vented.

All of our wall mount racks and cabinets are 19" EIA-310-D Compliant and made in the USA. Black unless specified other.


DWR wall mount cabinet series DWR10-17PD DWR16-17PD DWR21-17PD DWR24-17PD
  DWR10-22PD DWR16-22PD DWR21-22PD DWR24-22PD
  DWR12-26PD DWR18-26PD DWR24-26PD DWR35-36PD

Available in depths of 17", 22" and 26" the DWR series wallmount cabinet is hard to beat. Super sturdy, supports from 150 - 300 lbs. Choose between no front door, plexi, solid or vented. The center section swings out easily making this one of the most versatile wallmount cabinets on the market. PCI Compliant Enclosure for credit card data protection.

VRS/VRP wall mount cabinet series
VRS6-30 VRS8-30  
  VRP4-30 VRP6-30 VRP8-30  
  WRS4 WRS6 WRS8  

The hanging vertical wallmount cabinet comes with a solid or plexi lift up hinged lid so you can make adjustments without opening the body of the cabinet. Or if you just need to see the lights blinking for verification. The VRS/VRP unit mounts flush to the wall, allowing longer rack servers to hang vertically taking up a fraction of space needed as compared to racked horizontally in a standard 19" rack. PCI Compliant Enclosure for credit card data protection.

SBX wall mount cabinet series SBX-7 SBX-10    

Simple, easy to mount, the SBX cabinet has one set of 10-32 front rails, 14"d, perfect for switches, AV equipment, items that need to be secure, but not complicated. Vents and knock-outs standard. PCI Compliant Enclosure for credit card data protection.

GLSR swing gate wall mount rack series GL24SR GL36SR GL48SR  

This swing out wall mount rack is lightweight, but strong to support up to 100 lbs. of rackmount equipment. 180 degree positive stop for easy punch down. Mount so that swing out is left or right hand hinged for your convenience.

Wall mount relay rack series
WM12-13 WM15-13 WM18-13
  WM30-12 WM8-19 WM12-19 WM15-19
  WM18-19 WM18-19    
The WM relay rack is a simple, highly functional way to economically mount equipment in a closet, over existing desks or furniture. 4 heights, 3 depths, hard to beat for usability and value.

SPM wall mount panel rack SPM-2 SPM-4    
A sideways wall mount rack gives protection with the snap on cover, while still allowing access to the face of your equipment. 2u and 4u, can also be mounted under a desk. Handy!

RR wall mount rack series
RR8 RR12
The unique value of this open rackmount rack is that it can be positioned to rack 19", 23" or 24" because there is no corresponding "back plate" or "brace" to set the width. Your equipment or shelf serves as the horizontal stabilizer for the unit. Can be mounted to wall, ceiling or under a desk or workstation. Nothing else like it in the IT industry.

HPM wall mount rack series HPM-1 HPM-2 HPM-4
Simple and straightforward, this 19" wall mount bracket has a hinged side for access to punch down. 10-32 tapped, available in 1u, 2u, 4u and 6u. Optional cover can be purchased to provide flat surface for a small piece of equipment to sit.

WMS wall mount shelf WMS20      
Put up to 200 lbs on this 19"w wall mount shelf. This shelf does not rackmount, but is very handy for placing small tower servers, hubs, routers or video equipment up over a desk or in a closet.

U Rack wall mount or under table rackmount
Really handy small wall mount bracket can be mounted on wall, under a table, over another piece of wall mounted equipment. Choose between square hole or 10-32, both on the same rack. Supporting 200 lbs this rack allows you to vertically hang your equipment for very low cost.

SWR security wall mount cabinet SWR-8      
8u enclosed wallmount cabinet has plexi locking front door, top and bottom knockouts for a fan and laser/electrical knockouts for cable passthrough. Supports 250 lbs of equipment. 20" deep!

GL24WE side wall mount cabinet GL24WE      
At 29" deep this wallmount sidemount enclosure allows deeper servers to still rack horizontally while maintaining a low space profile on a wall. The unique design has mesh side doors, a removable front panel and 1" and 3" concentric knock-outs on the top , bottom and rear. This is a heavy duty cabinet with a hefty 350 lb capacity.

LINIER fixed wall mount cabinet LINIER-FWM6u LINIER-FWM9u LINIER-FWM12u LINIER-FWM15u
Super popular, the Linier series wall mount data rack supports 150 lbs, has a locking glass front door and 20.5" maximum rack depth. Side panels remove for ease of working on equipment. Excellent value. PCI Compliant Enclosure for credit card data protection.

LINIER swinging wall mount cabinet LINIER-SWM6u LINIER-SWM8u LINIER-SWM12u LINIER-SWM15u
The Linier swinging wall mount network rack is built with the same quality materials as the fixed version. Glass front, removable side panels, 90 degree swing from the wall. Highly practical, supports up to 150 lbs, a superb value. PCI Compliant Enclosure for credit card data protection.

Corner wallmount rack KH 1915-3-700-12      
The corner wallmount rack was designed with security equipment in mind. It's efficient use of rarely used corner space allows it to be placed in areas that provide high visibility for security cameras. Reversible front plexi door, open back, one person install. 18" of usable rackmount depth, supports 650 lbs of rack servers or security cameras.


If you really need a floor standing rack, consider FULL SERVER CABINETS or SERVER RACK FRAMES or ECONOMY CABINETS