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VH Series - UPS

A true double conversion UPS. For use in IT and healthcare facilities,as well as high-speed processing, marine, & motor control applications.(120-240V). Call 1-800-352-3361 for assistance in selecting your UPS.

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General Electric VH Series Single Phase UPS

Related Market:
Data Center, Telecom

VH Series UPS - CE Listed (700VA - 3kVA)

General Electric's VH Series UPS is a true voltage and frequency independent on line, double conversion range engineered for all business-critical applications. Select from tower or rackmount models.

General Electric's Superior Battery Management provides full protection to connected loads and maximizes battery life for the UPS system overall. This Superior Battery Management setup also incorporates a unique failsafe bypass which provides a seamless, safe transition to bypass in case of overload. These batteries are also hot swappable, which makes replacing them simple and quick.

Included communication options of RS232, USB, SNMP and relays. This is an ideal selection for IT network environments. The VH Series also incorporates a rugged design with unique features like high peak load handling, failsafe bypass, true frequency conversion and fast bypass transition. This makes it a great choice for power protection for railway signaling, lab analysis, wind turbines and marine applications. The VH Series is certified to all CE safety and EMC regulations, and to the IACS international maritime standard. These units come with a comprehensive three-year warranty including battery.

VH Series (700VA - 3kVA) Features and Benefits:

  • Unique failsafe internal bypass - Continued operation even with overload or over-temperature
  • 2U design for all ratings - Small footprint; all parts delivered for tower or rack assembly
  • Hot swappable batteries - Simple battery replacement without disruption to the load
  • Matching battery cabinets - Longer battery life available with the addition of extra battery cabinet(s)
  • Superior Battery Management - Providing protection to the battery and extending the battery life
  • Remote monitoring - Easy access and control even for unmanned or isolated sites
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) >730,000 hours - Proven reliability

VH Series (700VA - 3kVA) Specifications:

  • Single Phase Output Voltage - 208/220/230/240V
  • Wide input voltage range - 130V to 280V minimizing battery use
  • 50/60Hz operation - Can be used as a permanent frequency converter
  • Phase neutral reversal protection - No risk of unsafe connection
  • High overload capability - Continued protection even if overloaded
  • Precise output frequency regulation - Optimized for use with a generator
  • Wide operating temperature - UPS can operate between -10°C to 40°C

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General Electric VH Series UL Listed

Related Market:
Data Center, Telecom

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VH Series UPS - UL Listed (700VA - 2kVA)

GE's VH Series UPS connects the utility and your critical load, helping your load receive a continuous clean and reliable power supply during any drops or failures.

The VH Series adapts to adjusting network configurations. This unit also comes with a three year warranty.

VH Series (700VA - 2kVA) Features and Benefits:

  • 2U design for small footprint in all ratings
  • Hot swappable batteries allow replacement without load disruption
  • Matching battery cabinets available for longer battery life
  • Superior battery management providing battery protection and extension
  • Remote monitoring for easy access and control of unmanned or isolated sites
  • Reliability
    – Voltage and Frequency Independent
    – Failsafe bypass
    – Three year warranty and high MTBF
    – High output power factor (0.9)
    – Standard USB connection
    – Range of communication options
  • Flexibility
    – Tower and rackmount, small footprint
    – Unique high peak load handling
    – Frequency converter
  • Continuity
    – Automatic bypass switch
    – Easy, fast battery replacement
    – Boost/float charging

For help selecting the right UPS for your space
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