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SitePro Series - UPS

A robust, double conversion UPS that provides true on-line operation and galvanic isolation. Can be installed with up to 8 units in parallel. Call 1-800-352-3361 for help selecting your SitePro Series UPS.

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SitePro Series UPS | General Electric

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SitePro Series - 50 Hz, 10-40kVA, 400-500kVA

General Electrics SitePro UPS is a three-phase, on-line, double conversion mode (providing true on-line operation) and is completed compliant with VFI operation international standards. The SitePro Series is available in models from 10kVA up to 500kVA. For high-power redundant applications this UPS can be installed with up to eight units in parallel, achieving power protection up to 4MVA. This Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) feature has UPS systems controlled in a true peer-to-peer configuration with redundancy for all critical elements and functions. This feature provides greater system reliability for mission critical applications.

SitePro Series Features and Benefits:

  • More critical equipment supported: Rated at power factor=0.9 (400 ; 500 kVA and 1.0(10-40 kVA)), SitePro UPS delivers more active power than other UPS on the market. SitePro UPS also delivers more accurate load qualification, allowing you to support a greater number of today's enterprise computing Power Factor Corrected (PFC) equipment.
  • No single point of failure: With RPA, SitePro UPS are controlled in a true peer-to-peer configuration, where all critical elements and functions are redundant.
  • High efficiency: Thanks to IGBT technology and the new SVM (Space Vector Modulation) strategy, SitePro UPS provides high efficiency up to 94.5%. IEM, combined with RPA, results in a cost-efficient and reliable UPS solution.
  • Fully digital: DSP (Digital Signal Processor), flash memory, and SVM strategy are the technology cornerstones of the new age of power quality and reliability.
  • Extremely flexible: SitePro UPS offers tailor-made power protection to comply with your individual installation requirements. Options include passive filter, 12-pulse rectifier, and DCU (Distortion Control Unit).

SitePro Series Specifications:

  • CE Listed
  • Double conversion
  • Upto 98% efficiency in super ECO-mode
  • EN 50091/IEC62040

SitePro Series Product Scope:

  • 10-15-20-30-40-400-500 kVA (parallelable up to eight units in RPA)
  • 400 volt
  • 50/60HZ input frequency

For help selecting the right monitored distribution unit for your space
contact or call (800) 352-6631