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One size does not fit all. One style rack doesn't fit all applications.

Find the server rack or cabinets to suit your HP, Dell, IBM or other rack server specific requirements. Whether you need a specialty rack enclosure, custom cabinet, or open rack frames... Rackmount Solutions has a solution for your project.

At Rackmount Solutions, we have had the pleasure of working with thousands of IT professionals and their buying departments.
     -  Purchasing wants a fair price on server racks
     -  IT wants the server rack or network cabinet to be on time, rack without problems, and with design that stands the test of time and best practice.
     -  Both want quality and innovation... server racks and cabinets that keep up with the highest standards.

We are server rack experts. Since 1999, we have provided server racks, cabinets, and server enclosures that continuously satisfy our customer’s high standards.

Our server rack products are flexible, compatible with all rack mount servers or other electronics, to adapt to changing needs. Turn an open frame server rack into an enclosed server cabinet with a phone call. Quality made in the USA! We are ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified.

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  Enclosed Server Racks, Server Cabinets and Network Racks

Cruxial RS Series Server Rack Cruxial RSP Series Server Rack Cabinet ERK Series Server Rack

Rackmount Solutions 42U Server Rack

Cruxial™ RS Server Racks
with Plexi Front /Vented Rear
Hundreds of combinations
Height: 12u, 24u, 30u, 35u,
40u, 42u, 44u, 48u
Width: 19", 23", 24", 28"
Depth: 24", 30", 36", 42"
Customization available
7 standard colors
Supports 2500 lbs static
PCI Compliant Enclosure from Rackmount Solutions
Cruxial™ RSP Server Racks
with Perf Front / Perf Rear
Hundreds of combinations
Height: 12u, 24u, 30u, 35u,
40u, 42u, 44u, 48u
Width: 19", 23", 24", 28"
Depth: 24", 30", 36", 42"
Customization available
7 standard colors
Supports 2500 lbs
PCI Compliant Enclosure from Rackmount Solutions
ERK Series Economy
Server Rack

with Solid rear / Optional front
Height: 18u, 21u, 27u, 35u,
40u, 45u
Width: 19"
Depth: 23.5"
Supports 1200 lbs
RS-42U Server Rack
with Perf Front / Perf Split Rear
Height: 42u
Width: 19"
Depth: 34"
Supports 3000 lbs
PCI Compliant Enclosure from Rackmount Solutions

  Specialty Server Racks for Cooling, Dust, and Acoustic Rack Applications (click for more not shown)

UCoustic Quiet Server Rack 28.5ddBA Cruxial Cooler AC Server Rack with Rackmount or Sidemount units Nema 12 Rated Server Rack from Great Lakes
Network Rack for Cisco side vent switches
Acoustic Quiet Server Racks
remove up to 28.5dBa and
7kw heat from your
From 9u to 44u
Custom sizes available
Cruxial™ Cooler Server Racks
A/C racks feature rackmount
or sidemount units.
4K BTU to 20K BTU
7 standard colors
Custom sizes available
Great Lakes NEMA 12
Dust and Water Resistant
Server Rack Cabinets
Height: 44u
Depth: 41.75"
Cruxial™ Switch Network Rack
Network Rack for
Cisco's Nexus™, MDS™
side vent switches
42u and 44u
7 standard colors
Customization available
PCI Compliant Enclosure from Rackmount Solutions

  Open 4 Post Rack or 6 Post Server Rack Frames

Cruxial Open 4 Post Rack Series Open 6 Rail Server Rack Frame Slim5 Series 4 Post Server Rack Cruxial Small 9 and 12u open server rack frame
Cruxial™ 19" 4 Post Rack
Supports 3000 lbs static
24u, 42u, 55u
Frame Expands from
22.5" to 35.25" d
Square Hole-Universal
Cruxial ™ Heavy Duty
4 Post Rack

Supports 2500 lbs static
Standard (3) sets of aluminum square hole vertical mounting
rails, casters, levelers

Add doors, side panels, top later
to enclose for security or dust protection as desired.
Height: 12u, 24u, 30u, 35u,
40u, 42u, 44u, 48u
Width: 19", 23", 24", 28"
Depth: 24", 30", 36", 42"
7 standard colors
Customization available
Medium Duty
Slim 5 Series 4 Post Rack

2 depths, 6 heights
10-32 Tapped
Slim 20" width perfect
for small data closets
Supports 400+ lbs.

Cruxial™ Small
19" 4 Post Server Rack

9u, 12u
Small rack fits under desks,
tables or on to of work benches
Ships knocked-down
Supports 3000 lbs.


Cruxial RS Server Racks
This server rack features a plexi front door and vented rear door with removable airflow plates. Solid side panels are removable and also available in an IR version – internally removable only. Mounting rails are M6 square hole, 10-32 tapped or 12-24 tapped, your choice. Casters and levelers standard. This sturdy, steel and aluminum welded rack ships completely assembled. PCI Compliant server rack. 2500 lbs static load. Unpack and rack!

Cruxial RSP Server Racks
Like the RS series server rack above, the RSP rack utilizes similar modular pieces, with perforated doors. Manufactured 100% in the USA, this superior quality Rackmount enclosure comes standard with a fully perforated (63% open) front and rear door for maximum airflow. Can be customized with a variety of door handles such as a card reader, remote monitor or combination lock. PCI Compliant server rack.

ERK Series Economy Server Cabinet
This server cabinet is labeled economy only because it does not have a lot of optional features. It is a quality, well built rack enclosure that is perfect for shallow or AV rackmount equipment.  At 23.5” inside usable depth the unit comes with (1) set of 10-32 tapped vertical mounting rails, welded side panels, and locking rear door. Front door and additional vertical rails optional as needed. The ERK rack ships fully assembled and is made in the USA.

RS-42U Server Rack
This economical rack supports 3000 lbs.  Features a perforated front and rear door and built in fan top with (4) 4.5” 15A, 120V fans.  Includes casters, levelers and M6 square mounting rails. One size, which is why we call it an economy version. Available in 42u, 34” deep and 19” wide, it compares very favorably with a NetShelter rack enclosure. PCI Compliant server rack. Ships fully assembled, unpack and rack.

Acoustic Sound Proof Quiet Server Racks
Three different models of acoustic sound deadening quiet racks.  Ranging from 14dB to 28.5dB sound attenuation. These racks make it possible to sit or work beside loud server equipment and still concentrate or speak with co-workers or clients. Quiet racks come fully assembled. UCoustic series in 24u and 42u, AcoustiQuiet in 9u, 12u, 24u, 35u and 44u. The AcoustiQuiet can be customized to different sizes. The AcoustiRack Active features noise cancelling technology and is available in 15u and 33u sizes.

Cruxial Cooler Air Conditioned Server Cabinet
Same strong welded steel and aluminum frame as our RS and RSP series, these air conditioned server racks have been sealed for airflow.  Your choice between internal Rackmount air conditioned units or externally side mounted HVAC units. Units range from 4,000 BTU to 20,000 BTU and can be made in almost any height, width or depth.  Designed for areas where ambient air temperature is not sufficient to support hot IT equipment or dirty environments where sealed airflow is desired. PCI compliant server rack.

NEMA 12 Dust and Water Resistant Rackmount Enclosure
Built to NEMA 12 specs (IP54 equivalent) when dust and water drips or splash resistant racks are required. This Rackmount enclosure is 44u with 41.75” depth.  Useful in factory environments, construction areas, power stations, shipping facilities, warehouses or processing plants. Made in the USA, ships fully assembled.

Cruxial Switch Network Rack
Designed specifically for sidemount large switches such as Cisco’s Nexus or MDS series, this oversize network rack will redirect airflow to properly vent equipment.  Switch can be mounted front or rear facing as your application requires. PCI Compliant server rack. Made in the USA, ships fully assembled. Unpack and rack.

19” 4 Post Open Rack
Knocked down frame ships economically, but supports 3000 lbs when fully assembled. This open rack frame expands from 22.5” to 35.25”, allowing greater flexibility in mounting equipment depth. Bottom plates serve as a free shelf and unit can be purchased with or without angle support brackets. Steel construction, m6 square hole rackrails. Made in the USA.

Cruxial Heavy Duty 4 Post Rack Frame
Same rack frame as the RS, RSP series, this welded steel and aluminum frame has three sets of infinitely adjustable vertical rack rails. Maximum flexibility in mounting multiple pieces of equipment, all different depths.   BONUS: if your needs change from an open 4 post rack to a rack enclosure, call and order doors and side panels. Saves money and time. No need to re-rack equipment. Just enclose it!  Made in the USA, ships fully assembled.

Slim 5 Series 4 Post Rack
The Slim 5 series is a medium/light duty frame ideal for AV, closets, or light equipment needs.  Supports 400 lbs and ships knocked down. The narrow 20”w Rackmount frame uses minimal floor space with the posts of the rack being the vertical mounting rails.  Made in the USA Cruxial

Small 19” 4 Post Server Rack
High portable, this 9u or 12u  small 4 post rack fits neatly under desks, conference tables, on top of work benches or any other area where a small profile is needed.  Comes standard with levelers. Caster ordered optionally.  Manufactured in the USA, ships knocked down.