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2 Post Server / Relay / Telco Racks

2 Post Racks and Relay Racks are a convenient and economical way to organize your server equipment.

Rackmount Solutions has a variety of 2 post server racks that provide a wide range of solutions for your specific needs. Aluminum or steel, built in cable management, or heavy duty with dozens of accessory options, we have a wide variety of telco relay racks to fit your needs.

CMR-45U 12"d 2 Post
Aluminum relay racks

Cruxial Series 2-Post Heavy Duty
Open LAN/Telco Relay Rack
This heavy duty telco relay rack is high-grade 6063-T5 extruded aluminum.
Optional  shelves and accessories.
Widths: 19", 23", 24", 28"
70", 77" and 84"h Available

CMR-45U 2-Post Rack

19"w (adjustable to 23"w), 7' high,
EIA 310D compliant cable management rack is a high density network rack with
ample cable room. Saves you time and money!!

Aluminum Relay Rack

19" & 23" Aluminum relay racks
24u, 27u, 36u, 45u
Black or mill aluminum finish
Includes shelf options

Desktop Relay Rack

Steel Relay Rack

DR Series 2-Post Desktop Rack

Small desktop or tech bench relay racks for patch panels or limited rackmounts.
Width: 19"
Heights: 8u, 12u
Supports approximately 35 & 45 lbs

Steel Relay Racks

19" Black Steel 2 post relay rack
Thread Type: 12-24 or 10-32
Heights: 38u, 45u
Optional shelves and accessories.

VIDEO: Choosing a Telco Rack can be difficult.
To narrow your search consider what accessories you will need.

Cruxial Telco Relay Rack

This is a heavy duty 2 post relay rack that is made of extruded aluminum. As part of the Cruxial line, it has unparalleled versatility. Order with a 6" or 8" channel. The mounting hole can be universal square, threaded 10-32 or 12-24. The standard has a bolt down base, but a caster base can be ordered if specified at time of order. Commonly ordered in 40u, 42u and 44u, 19"w. This 2 post rack is also available in 23", 24" and 28"widths. Consult your account manager at Loading... to match your exact needs. Make in the USA. Ships assembled, unpack and rack.

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CMR-45U 2 Post Rack

High density network rack has ample 12"w channels. Top and rear waterfall cable tray make cabling super easy. 45u, bolt down base. Made in the USA. Ships assembled, unpack and rack.

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Aluminum Relay Rack

Your general purpose 19" and 23" aluminum relay rack has 12-24 tapped rails and bolt down base. Sturdy construction, 24u and 45u

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Steel Relay Rack

If you prefer steel over aluminum, this general purpose 19"w relay rack comes tapped with a 10-32 or 12-24 tapped rail and bolt down base. 38u and 44u. If you are in a place where the rack cannot be bolted, consider the freestanding support base which can be ordered separately. Requires light assembly.

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Bench 2 Post Portable Rack

Small desktop or tech bench 2 post rack is great for light duty equipment up to 45 lbs. Very convenient, inexpensive way to keep electronics close at hand. 8u and 12u, slight assembly required.

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