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Two Post Server Rack

The CMR-45U Two Post Server Rack is best known for it's cable management options for dense networks. Includes cable trays, cable rings, tie slots, and more for organization!


CMR-45U 12 Inch Two Post Server Rack

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The CMR-45U is the ideal solution for any dense network in need of a cable management rack. This 2 Post Server Rack adjusts from 19" wide to 23" wide making it a versatile solution for nearly any application.

CMR-45U Two Post Rack Features:

  • Includes: Top front and rear waterfall cable tray
  • Includes: Two middle adjustable waterfall brackets
  • Includes: 8 Cable rings (3.75" x 2.625"ID) allows rotational mounting in 4 positions
  • Includes: 88+ cable tie slots on each side of channel
  • Tapped 12-24 rails
  • Adjust rails from 19" or 23" wide
  • Fits on 24" floor tile (23.983"w x 21"d footprint)
  • Large cable channel for high-density network equipment
  • 1000 lb weight capacity
  • 14 gauge steel.
  • Bolt to the floor or freestand.
  • Black powder coat finish.
  • UL60950-1 standard for IT & Communications Equipment
  • 12 gauge CRS

download CMR-45U 2-Post Rack Assembly Instructions
download CMR-45U 2-Post Rack Spec Sheet

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45u Open Two Post Server Rack
12" cabling channel. Adjusts to 19"w or 23"w
21 "d
23.94 "w
21 "d