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Portable Server Racks, Rackmount Cases
and Portable Server Cabinets

Strong, efficient, secure. These portable server racks, cabinets and shockmount rackmount shipping cases come in a variety of sizes to handle your specific requirements.

From small desktop 2 post racks to 4 post racks that support 3000 lbs, one of these is right for your project. Order on line or call your account manager at toll free Loading... to discuss your requirement.

Tabletop Portable Server Racks and Cabinets, Portable Server Rack
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Cruxial Mini Series Portable Server Rack

Shock-mounted Molded Portable Server Racks, Portable Rackmount Cases

Tabletop Portable Server
Racks and Cabinets

3u, 6u, 9u, 12u, 15u
universal rack rail
32.05" max inside depth
Cruxial™ Series Small Open Frame Rack

9u, 12u
expands from 22.5"d to 35.25"d
Supports 3000 lbs.
SKB Rackmount Cases

Shock-mounted Molded
Portable Server Racks
Used extensively by the military and for
commercial shipping purposes
Bench Relay Portable Rack

Kendall Howard Portable Desktop Rack

PTRK Rolling Portable Rack for AV
Bench Relay Portable Rack

Small desktop or tech bench relay racks.
Standard 19" width Heights: 8u and 12u
Kendall Howard Modular
Portable Tabletop Server Rack

8u, 12u, 20u
square universal rail 20"d
PTRK Series Portable Racks

Secure smooth rolling steel racks for a range of uses, Perfect for AV, Classrooms
14u, 21u, 27u
23"d and 26"d
Portable Desktop Computer Workstation, Portable Workstations Universal Computer Wall Mount, Computer Wall Mount Bracket
Portable Desktop Workstation

All-In-One products allow for a desktop computer and a separate monitor to become one unit.
Universal Computer (PC) Wall Mount

Mounting a PC to a wall or any flat surface could not be any easier than using a universal PC wall mount.
Table Top Portable Server Cabinet - TR Series

The super sturdy TR series portable server rack can be configured several ways. With locking plexi / vented doors or with vented front and rear door for maximum airflow. Available with a 4.5" built in 105 cfm fan or without. The enclosed cabinet features vented top and bottom panels, cable pass thrus, and 2 sets of adjustable universal square mounting rails. Levelers are standard, casters optional. Supporting 450 lbs of equipment this unit is perfect for under desk, on work or lab benches, in a conference room or classroom. With 32" of usable depth it is one of the most versatile portable server racks available. Convenient handles on side panels for easy lifting. This rack insures PCI compliance for external protection of your data. Made in the USA, ships fully assembled. Unpack and rack. 3u, 6u, 8u, 12u and 15u.

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Cruxial Small 4 Post Open Frame Rack

These 9u and 12u small open frame racks are incredibly useful. In a closet, under a desk, on a tech bench, beside a workstation. Fully adjustable to accommodate any rackmount equipment from 22.5" to 36" deep. Levelers standard, casters available as an option. "L" shaped universal square mounting rails take M6, 10-32 or 12-24 cage or clip nuts. 14 gauge awg steel, super strong, supporting up to 3000 lbs. Made in the USA, assembles in minutes. Custom sizes available, ask your account manager for details. Call toll free Loading....

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Shock Mount Portable Server Racks - Rugged Rotomolded Plastic

Used extensively in the military, for disaster recovery, customer demos and trade shows. Anytime you need to ship your equipment fully loaded in a rack without experiencing shipping/transport damage. Manufactured to Mil specs. No substitute for a shockmount rack when transporting electronic rackmount equipment. Some portable cases have lids that remove, others hinge. Rack rails are tapped 10-32 with 8x HM-245 elastomeric, high damping, wide temperature range shock mounts. Load range varies from 40-150 lbs. standard on each shipping case.

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Bench Relay 2 Post Portable Rack

Small desktop or tech bench 2 post rack is great for light duty equipment up to 45 lbs. Very convenient, inexpensive way to keep electronics close at hand. 8u and 12u, slight assembly required.

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Modular Portable Tabletop Rack

This super strong portable rack features welded top and bottom panels, welded side panels with spring loaded handles for ease in carrying. Supports over 500 lbs of equipment. Square hole rackrails are fixed at 20" deep. Casters available as an option. Great for modular or stacking projects when flexibility of setup is important to your project. Made in the USA. No assembly, unpack and rack.8u, 12u, 20u

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