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Patch Panels, Patch Cables, and KVM Dongles

Cat5E & Cat6 Patch Panels, Cat5E & Cat6 Patch Cables, Cat5 KVM Dongles, Custom Cable Assemblies, SVGA Super Monitor Cables, VGA Extenders, Wall Mount Patch Panel

In providing a complete cable service for your enterprise, Rackmount Solutions offers a range of Cat5E and Cat6 patch panels, front termination panels, and Cat5E feed through patch panels in addition to moulded patch cables, custom cable assemblies, cable harnesses, and wall mounted swivel patch panel brackets.

Our Cat5E and Cat6 patch panels feature built-in cable management and meet or exceed industry standards. Our pre-made Cat5E and Cat6 patch cables are amongst the best in the industry and available in 10 different lengths and nine colors.

Whether your requirements are large or small, Rackmount solutions have the answer to all your Cat5E and Cat6 patch cable needs.

Cat5E and Cat6 Patch Panels

LED Patch Panels save serious time when troubleshooting

Cat5E and 6 Patch Cables

Cat5E Patch and Cat6 Patch Panels

Cat5E and Cat6 LED Panels

Troubleshoot faster with the help of these Cat5E and Cat6 LED Panels

Cat5E and Cat6 Patch Cables

Multiple Colors
Lengths: 1', 3', 5', 7', 10', 14', 25', 50'
75' and 100'

Custom Cable Assembles
SVGA Cables
Dongle Cable for USB and PS2

Custom Cable Assemblies

Any Network or Telco Application Booted or Non-Booted Any length 10 colors to choose from Shielded or Non Shielded

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SVGA Super Monitor Cables
VGA Extenders

Rackmount Solutions’ HD15 Male/Male and HD 15 Male/Female super VGA monitor cables are engineered to meet or exceed all international and domestic standards.

CAT5 KVM Dongle

Reduce cable clutter with PS/2 and USB CAT 5 dongles.

Wall mount swivel patch panel bracket RO8-19-F1 Rack Cable Organizer

Wall mount Swivel Patch Panel Bracket
(Shown here with optional bracket shelf)

RO8-19-F1 Rack Cable Organizer Wire Harness

19" Rack Cable Organizer supports your cable weight in a neat and clean installation. Mounts behind existing patch panels or other equipment. Takes up 0u space on your server rack!

Bulk Network Cable and Fiber Optic Patch Cable:

Bulk UTP Network Cable

Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Bulk UTP Network Cable

Available for Cat5E & Cat6; Stranded, Solid & Plenum

Fiber Optic Patch Cable

ST to ST, SC to SC and LC to LC
fiber optic duplex multi-mode patch cables