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InfraPower Rack Mount PDU (Power Distribution Units)

Rack PDU, Metered PDU, Switched PDU, & Monitored PDU

The Rackmount Solutions InfraPower range of rack PDUs (power distribution units) provide total peace of mind for data center managers in administering power distribution, even to mission critical, high density rack-mounted equipment. No matter the size of your network, server or data center installation, there is rack mount PDU that meets your needs.

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Infra Power MTS-Switched Series InfraPower MT-Monitored Series InfraPower MD-Metered Series

InfraPower WS-Switched Rack PDU
Learn More - Infra Power MTS-Switched Series
Switched PDU (vertical) &
Switched Rack PDU (1U & 2U)

InfraPower W-Monitored Rack PDU
Learn More - InfraPower MT-Monitored Series
Monitored PDU (vertical) &
Monitored Rack PDU (1U & 2U)

InfraPower MD-Metered Rack PDU
Learn More - InfraPower MD-Metered Series
Metered PDU (vertical) &
Metered Rack PDU (1U & 2U)


Our rack PDU family includes Switched rack PDU, Monitored rack PDU and Metered rack PDU solutions. Rackmount Solutions provides a scalable PDU solution, backed by a two-year replacement warranty. The InfraPower line of PDUs are available with up to 24 power outlets in Zero U (vertical) and rack mount (horizontal) form factors.