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Enterprise Series Competitive Analysis
Highest ranking features are BOLDED

MINUTEMAN Enterprise

APC Smart-UPS TrippLite SmartPro Best Power Fortress Powerware
5119 Models
Parts & Labor Warranty* 3 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years 2 Years Longest Warranty. Competition will add up to 50% more for adding a one year "extended warranty".
Quantity Of SKU's Covered By This Product Family 18 Up to 68 Up to 46 Up to 26 Up to 26 Fewer SKU's to cover all applications.
Double Boost Yes No No No Yes Lowest mains input voltage (75/150 VAC)
Double Buck Yes No No No No Highest mains input voltage (164/290 VAC)
Fits 16" Cabinets Yes No No No No Smallest footprint 15" depth.
Universal Rack/Tower Yes No No No No More versatile for all your application needs.
Margin Potential Yes No No No No Highest margins for Reseller/Distributors.
True Sinewave for Entire Family Line Yes No No Yes Yes True sinewave on all Enterprise units (500-3200 VA). Competition offers sinewave only on their higher VA units.
Typical Internal Runtime's ½ Rated Load 22 Minutes 12 Minutes 12 Minutes 22 Minutes 22 Minutes Superior internal battery runtime.
Typical Full Rated Load Runtimes 12 Minutes 6-8 Minutes 6-8 Minutes 5-8 Minutes 7-13 Minutes Superior internal battery runtime.
Battery packs contain independent chargers Yes No No No No Best battery recharge, up to 10 times faster. Competition will charge up to twice as much for the same recharge capacity.
Switch Time
Max 1.8 ms
Yes No No No No Our low switch time will eliminate computer lockup and reboot due to power problems, our competitors does not.
Output Voltage Control 105-128VAC 104-135VAC 105-132VAC 108-132VAC 108-132VAC Tighter voltage control.
Surge Protection 504 Joules 320 Joules 480 Joules Not Published Not Published Highest protection rate.
Non-flammable from overvoltage - all models Yes No No No No Will not catch on fire due to prolonged overvoltages.
Recharge Protection Yes No No No 2 models only Correctly recharges battery for 2-3 more years of battery life than competition.
10Base-T Protection Yes No No Yes Yes Standard for the Enterprise.
Fax/Modem Surge Protection Yes No No Yes Yes Standard for the Enterprise.
Output Voltage Adjustments Yes No No No No Via External DIPSwitch.
Max Runtime Capability Unlimited 10 hours 19 hours Not Published Not Published Longest runtime.
Fits 23" Rackmount Yes No No No No Optional Kit
Wall mountable Yes No No No No Optional Kit

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