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Air Conditioned Racks and Server Rack Cooling

For Dirty Environments or when room temperature is not adequate, these air conditioned server racks are designed and manufactured to meet NEMA 12 standards. Go Green!

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Cruxial Server Rack Cooling Air Conditioned Server Cabinet
Air Conditioned Racks and Server Rack Cooling from Rackmount Solutions
Additional Photos:
AC Cabinet Open Front View
AC Cabinet Open Rear View
AC Cabinet Side View
Sidemount AC with Solid Front

Why do we call this A/C Cabinet Cruxial™?

Why do we call this server rack cooling series Cruxialâ„¢? Because our air conditioned racks can save your equipment from burning up in less-than-ideal areas. Whether a warehouse, dirty environment or a room where the ambient air is not enough, this Air-Conditioned Server Cabinet allows installation of sensitive electronics in harsh environments.

Planned obsolescence is not part of Rackmount Solutions' mentality. We focus on U so you can confidently buy, rack and move on to your next project.

Who buys these A/C racks?
  • Fortune 500
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Government
  • Military
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Communications
  • Retail
  • Non-profits
  • Energy
  • Aerospace/Defense
Air Conditioned Server Rack Features:
  • 3 sets of "L" shaped adjustable universal mounting rails on a patented aluminum extruded welded frame.
  • Base, low-profile casters and leveling feet.
  • Externally removable side panels. For PCI compliance order internally removable side panels at no additional charge.
  • Solid or Smoked Lexan front door with lockable swing handle.
  • Steel rear door with lockable swing door handle.
  • Solid top panel and bottom panel
  • Complete gasket sealing for doors, panels and A/C unit.
  • MTemp 100 Display
  • A/C thermostat turns fans on / off, saving electricity
  • Wiring for malfunction switch alarm provided FREE (customer supplies alarm)
  • Rackmount or Sidemount A/C.
  • Rack air conditioning models are ideal for self-containment for security or aesthetic purposes.
  • The built in condensate system evaporates moisture to surrounding air. Eliminates drain tubes, buckets and wet floors.
  • High CFM blowers provide for maximum airflow throughout server rack.
  • 100% functionally tested.
  • Mounting gaskets, drawings and instruction manual provided.
  • Go Green! Unit uses universally acceptable CFC-free or environmentally safe refrigerants.
  • Textured powder coat finish.
  • Ships 100% assembled. Unpack and rack!

Made in over 112 air conditioned server cabinet sizes, rackmount or sidemount, with BTUs from 2K to 20K. The air conditioned server rack sizes listed below are a small sample of the a/c racks available. Call (800) 352-6631 or email to find exactly what rack mount air conditioner works in your installation.

Heights: 48u, 44u, 42u, 40u, 35u, 30u, 24u
Widths: 19"w, 23"w, 24"w and 28"w
Depths of 24"d, 30"d, 36"d and 42"d

Download RS series specification drawingsDownload Specifications
12K BTU Sidemount, 42u, 42"d
9K BTU Rackmount, 42u, 42"d

Cooler Rack Accessories
Server rack cooling MTEMP1000 Temperature Display
MTEMP Temperature Display Module
(Built into every unit)
20K Sidemount Rack Air Conditioning Duct Kit
20K Sidemount
Duct Kit
10K Rack Air Conditioning Duct
10K BTU Rackmount Duct Kit


These custom units are not available for on-line ordering.
We can design and size for any situation. Contact us at 1-800-352-6631 or complete an AC Cabinet Checklist to have a representative respond as soon as possible. Our standard 7k BTU configuration is below:


Made in America
Rackmount Solutions offers financing for server racks and equipment

PCI Compliant Enclosure from Rackmount Solutions

*All AC units are NEMA 12 or better rated. Designed and built to meet NEMA 12 standards this rack provides a degree of protection against dust and dirt, dripping and splashing liquids.

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Rackmount Solutions Cruxial-Core-42u
Rackmount Air Conditioner
7K BTU Rackmount Air Conditioner
SNMP/Web Interface Card
SNMP/Web Remote Management

  Description Price
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CRUXIAL-COOL-42u (Free Shipping)
Kit including: Cruxial-Core-42u, 7k BTU A/C, Remote Cooling Management Card
View Cart
Optional Ducting Kit for CRUXIAL-COOL-42U
View Cart
SRCOOL7KRM - Free Ground Shipping (Continental US Only)
Rackmount 7k BTU Air Conditioning Unit
View Cart
Optional SNMP/WEB Card for Monitoring / Management

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Rackmount Solutions Cruxial-Core-42u
AmeriCool WPC-2500
10K BTU Rackmount Air Conditioner
A/C Rack Mounting Kitt

Part Number Price
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Air Conditioned Server Rack Cabinet Including WMC2500 and Rack Kit
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AmeriCool Portable A/C 10,000 btu, 115V Single Phase, 60Hz
Optional Accessories (See images above)
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Rack Installation Kit
Optional $175

Have you considered a portable A/C Unit? Find the right unit for spot or room cooling!

AmeriCool WMC-2500AmeriCool WPC-9000

HotLok Blanking Panel provides 99.97+ effective air seal

We highly recommend HotLok blanking panels in the Cruxial series air conditioned server cabinets

  • Snap-spring design offers durable, 99.97+% effective seal
  • Tool-free, snap-in installation and easy-pull removal for any EIA-310-E standard openings using ergonomically designed finger grips
  • Cantilevered sealing vanes eliminate the gap between adjoining Blanking Panels or with installed equipment
  • 1U Panels packed 10 to the carton, 2U Panels packed 5 to the carton for easy storage and ready availability
  • Reduce hotspots and bypass airflow by preventing equipment exhaust air or hot-aisle air from migrating to the conditioned air-intake stream at the front of the cabinet
  • Deliver lower temperature conditioned air to the upper one-third of the cabinet, typically the hottest area and most prone to equipment failure
  • Control airflow to save energy by adjusting cooling unit setpoints
  Description Price
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Hotlok 1U Blanking Panel
Part No. 10031. Covers 10u of rack space
(pack of 10)
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Hotlok 2U Blanking Panel
Part No. 10033. Covers 10u of rack space
(pack of 5)