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AcoustiQuiet™ Sound Reducing
Quiet Mini Cabinet

AcoustiQuiet™ Mini Cab is a sound reducing quiet rack designed to enclose extra loud equipment. The soundproof server cabinet absorbs undesirable noise while dissipating 1.5 KW of heat.

AcoustiQuiet Mini Cab

AcoustiQuiet Mini Cab with 3 fans

Each AQ Mini Cab has a filter

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The AcoustiQuiet™ Mini Cab series removes up to 14dB(A) of noise and the 4.5" fans in the rear door dissipate up to 1.5KW of heat.

Field reversible doors hinge left or right. Simply remove the hinge pins, turn the door, and re-insert pins. These soundproof racks are designed with an easy-to-remove dust filter to prevent dust and debris if you put the unit on the floor or in a closet.

***Custom / Made to Order / 2+ Week Lead Time / Non-Returnable***

  • Plexi front door for ease of viewing
  • Fits under desks, or in conference or training rooms
  • Tested for sound reducing rating by a third party lab
  • Made in the U.S.A.

AQ151934 Filter InstructionsDownload the filter instructions

For help finding the right quiet rack,
fill out our Soundproof Cabinet Checklist!

AcoustiQuiet Mini Cab features include:
  • Leveling feet with optional casters (see below)
  • 2 sets of "L" shaped infinitely adjustable universal square hole mounting rails with U markings.
  • Solid Side panels with full acoustic lining (non-removable).
  • Glass front and solid rear doors are field reversible to hinge left or right. Each door has a lock for added security.
  • Solid top panel
  • Grommeted cabling hole located in rear floor of mini cab.
  • Super easy dust filter is easily changed from the bottom. NO need to unrack your equipment like some other models on the market.
  • Ships completely assembled, Unwrap and rack!
  • Textured black powder coat finish.
Listen to the difference in audio levels!
78 dB(a) Intel Blade Server
10 dB(a) removed from original source
20 dB(a) removed from original source
28.5 dB(a) removed from original source
How the AcoustiQuiet can save you money!
  • Perfect for under a desk or cabinet
  • Tuck in a closet
  • Great for classrooms or training rooms
  • No special cooling requirements (other than ambient a/c in room)
  • Take it with you - completely portable - move it wherever
Why do I need noise control?
  • A 5-decibel reduction can cut the risk of hearing loss in half.
  • Productivity of employees. Prolonged exposure to loud environments creates stress and can lead to accidents.
  • Insurance companies are applying pressure to corporations due to hearing loss filed under workman's comp claim.
  • Government regulations enforced by OSHA, State and local laws.

Click here to learn more about decibel levels and how the AcoustiQuiet™ can solve your noise problems. This series of sound reducing quiet racks will remove 20.7dB(A)+ of noise from your originating environment.

Sound and measuring sound, involves a lot of science and can be confusing. There are different sound waves, ranges, ways of measuring, etc. What you want is a decrease in the noise you hear, regardless of what sound waves are doing all about you.

The following widely accepted examples of SPL ratings
are very helpful in understanding "every day" noises we are familiar with and comparing to installing servers into the workplace:

40 dB(A) Human whisper
50 dB(A) Background noise in an average office, no talking
55 dB(A) Background noise in a busy office, without talking
60 dB(A) Normal conversational speech
45-55 dB(A) Typical noise from portable air conditioners
62 dB(A) Typical noise from 2 x low form factor servers with average CPU loads
65 dB(A) Typical noise from 4 x low form factor servers with average CPU loads
68 dB(A) Typical noise from 8 x low form factor servers with average CPU loads (every doubling of the number of servers leads to a 3dB(A) increase in the total noise level)
70 dB(A) Noisy restaurant or heavy traffic or household vacuum cleaner

This report (from Purdue reprinted from Temple University) on the perceptions of noise is worth reading. It's short, download here to help you understand in layman's terms the perceptions of different levels of dB(A) (decibles). It's not just A - B = C .

We have a white paper that might be of interest on a related subject (PC Noise) - it includes a few introductory paragraphs on acoustics, sound pressure and power levels, and the decibel scale etc (Download here). This paper helps to explain why sound power is a more comprehensive & comparative measure of overall noise levels than sound pressure. (Used with permission from AcoustiProducts, Ltd. the UK's leading independent expert on server rack acoustics. AcoustiRack™ is not affiliated with AcoustiProducts, Ltd.)

With a volume order or purchase agreement, we can manufacture to other sizes, depths and widths or customize features. Call us at (800) 352-6631 or email

If you need a rack that will remove up to 28.5dB(A)
and 7.2KW of heat from your area, order the
UCoustic™ Active 24u or 42u quiet rack

If you need a taller rack than the Mini Cab,
and 20.7dB(A) sound attenuation, consider the
AcoustiQuiet™ 24u, 35u or 44u quiet rack.

Made in the USA
Rackmount Solutions offers financing for server racks and equipment
Server Rack ships by truck on
a skid, fully assembled

Lift-gate service (Optional)
Inside delivery (Optional)
Installation service (Optional)
    Description # of
dB(A) Sound
Internal Dims External Dims Price
34"d usable depth
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AcoustiQuiet Mini Cab AQ151934
9u Mini Cab AcoustiQuiet rack
3 14 1.2 15.75"h
View Cart
AcoustiQuiet Mini Cab AQ211934
12u Mini Cab AcoustiQuiet rack
4 14 1.5 21"h
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AQ Caster AQ Casters
Set of (4) locking casters, adds 3" in overall height
Filler Panels
View Cart
1u FLAT filler blanking panel. 14 gauge steel
View Cart
2u FLAT filler blanking panel. 14 gauge steel
View Cart
3u FLAT filler blanking panel. 14 gauge steel
15a, 120v Rackmount Power Strips
View Cart
Rackmount Power Strips RM815a
8 rear outlets with 90º turn. 6' cord
View Cart
Rackmount Power Strips RMS815a
8 rear outlets with 90º turn. Surge, noise and thermal protection. 6' cord.

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