Manage IT: Network Rack Problems and Solutions

Manage IT: Network Rack Problems and Solutions

Posted by Rackmount Solutions on Sep 12th 2019

Server Rooms, back offices, and network closets typically consisted of less than six full-size server rack enclosures featuring networking hardware, telecommunications systems, and data storage. These rooms may contain full-size open frame racks, server cabinets, 2-post racks, or wall mount enclosures depending on the ideal capacity and expected growth of the company.

Server Room & Network Closet Challenges

Challenges commonly faced include proper airflow, sufficient cooling, reliable power/battery backup, organized cable management, limited footprint, and security.



The most common racks selected include the Rackmount Solutions Cruxial Series, Kendall Howard LINIER Series, and Hammond Rack Basics Series. These economy racks provide a variety of locking door styles (Perforated, Solid & Plexiglass), sizes ranging from 22u to 48u of space, and many high-end features. If cabinet-level security isn’t necessary, the RS-4POSTRACK is a great option as an open frame server rack. This 4-post rack adjusts to meet the depth of your equipment and supports more than 3,000 lbs. For uncommon scenarios requiring customizations, the Cruxial Series of racks can be completely designed to meet your specifications.


 Proper cable management can reduce downtime, improve airflow, and prevent user errors. Our most popular cable manager is the NEAT-PATCH, a 2u cable organizer that installs in minutes. If you need a different type of horizontal cable manager our team of IT Pros can help narrow down our selection to a few best options. From small applications needing 0u lacing bars to vertical cable managers for heavier networks, we can put together a cable management plan for your server room.


 For a small server room or closet, a single-phase UPS System, network PDU, and battery backup will typically be necessary. Our selection of Minuteman and Tripp Lite power provides a range from 500VA to 3kVA of rackmount UPS solutions. Power distribution can vary depending on the features you may require. An InfraPower Intelligent Monitoring PDU can provide the current, voltage, energy, temperature and humidity in the room allowing you to track and monitor from a distance. A rackmount power strip, more common on wall mounts and network racks, features surge, thermal, or noise protection for your server room or network closet equipment.


The most common of challenges in a network closet, small server room or back office is cooling for rack equipment. Consider spot cooling with an AmeriCool Portable Air Conditioner or utilizing the SRCOOL rackmount air-conditioner to provide cooling for a specific rack with hot equipment. For the toughest cooling situations, we also offer custom self-contained Air-Conditioned Server Racks.

Manufacturing Plant IT Challenges

Environment Challenges            

Unlike a standard environment for networking equipment, manufacturing plants and warehouses face the unique challenge of dirt, dust, and debris particles. When these particles enter servers or networking equipment they can cause a great deal of damage. If the networking equipment produces additional heat it can be an even greater challenge to provide protection against foreign elements while still properly cooling the equipment. Particles are not the only threat, this equipment is typically located in an open area making security an additional concern. Keeping the networking gear in an open area also requires a consideration for safety as a steel cabinet in a heavy foot traffic could be a hazard.



The best way to prevent unwanted debris from collecting in your rack or equipment is by mounting the gear in a NEMA Type 12 Wall Mount or Free Standing Enclosure.NEMA Type 12 Enclosures are sealed at all edges to provide a higher level of protection against dust, dirt, non-corrosive liquids, and rust, most of which can be found in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. These enclosures are available in sizes ranging from 7u to 45u. For hot running equipment, a Self-Contained Air-Conditioned Server Rack (Built to NEMA Standards) will produce sufficient cooling while still protecting against hazardous particles. These custom racks should be tailored exactly to your equipment heat load for efficient cooling. We’ve designed these for 100s of customers and can help walk you through the process.


 While NEMA rated cabinets provide the greatest protection, placing your equipment in a standard wall mount enclosure positioned away from the debris can occasionally suffice. Top choices for wall mount enclosures include the LINIER Series, VRS/WRS Vertical Wall Mount Series, or a Corner Wall Mount. Select from 6u to 22u of rack mount space along with multiple door styles to prevent or enhance equipment visibility.


 Adding additional fans to your wall mount enclosure may be necessary for cooling, but it’s best to utilize Fan Filters in combination with your fan panels to prevent pulling in particles. HotLok Rack Grommets at your cable entry points will also restrict dust from entering the cabinet. These grommets utilize a hybrid brush technology along with a membrane support structure for an industry best sealing capacity. HotLok Grommets will also last significantly longer than the competition as the membrane support prevents sagging bristles. Lighting in warehouses and manufacturing plants is typically not adequate for viewing equipment. Adding the rackmount LED RM Light provides two adjustable gooseneck lights to brighten specific areas around and inside the rack. Do you need help configuring your warehouse or manufacturing plant with IT/Networking equipment? Rackmount Solutions can help you navigate through the common challenges and obstacles. Talk to an account manager today at 1-800-352-6631.     

Server Racks, Network Racks and Cabinets (and accessories too!)

When IT professionals from government agencies and some of the largest corporations around the world need server racks, network racks and cabinets, they turn to Rackmount Solutions. Why?

For over a decade, Rackmount Solutions has offered the most extensive, high quality, portfolio of server racks and cabinets (and accessories!) Our product catalog includes:

864 unique, standard server racks configurations for EIA 19” rack mount, 23” rack mount, 24”rack mount, or 28” rack mount equipment, servers, switches, and routers (inside usable dimensions)

Server and network racks and cabinets in:

  • 14u, 20u, 24u, 30u, 35u, 40u, 42u, 44u and 48u heights

  • 19”, 23”, 24”, and 28” widths

  • 24’, 30”, 36” and 42” depths

Server racks and cabinets with:

  • M6 square hole rails

  • 10-32 tapped rails

  • 12-24 tapped rails

  • Two or three sets of vertical rack rails

  • Adjustable vertical rack rails (two or three sets)

  • Seven standard colors

  • Five standard doors

  • Extruded Lexan

  • Extruded perforated

  • Flat perforated

  • Flat solid

  • Flat vented

  • Top configurations with 2, 4, or 6 fans – and every top comes with multiple cabling holes

  • Open bottoms

  • Solid or perforated bottom plates

  • Built-in cable management for standard cabling or fiber

In addition to our own, made in USA, server and network racks and cabinets, we also offer products from Great Lakes Case & Cabinets, Kendall-Howard, AMCO, Rittal, and Middle Atlantic. And, for unique customer configurations, we also design and build custom solutions. You can view a sample on our Facebook page!

Acoustiquiet server cabinet

Finally, IT pros turn to Rackmount Solutions because we deliver – on time – more than 99 per cent of the time.

Experienced professionals, great products, on time delivery – our customers tell us that they’re happy – they keep coming back (98 percent customer satisfaction).

Rackmount Solutions NETWORK Series Rack

This NETWORK server rack is designed for applications that need large bundles of cables to cascade down either side or both sides of the rackrails and still maintain lockable security! Based on the very reliable RS Series of server racks.

The vertical rackrails are mounted on a channel that allows them to slide left or right as well as front and back. Mount standard 19″ to one side of the cabinet and drop your cables down the other side, or rackmount to the center and let cables drop down both sides!

Innovative design allows 4-6″ extra space on the 19-24″ series and if you need more, the 19-28″series provides 6-10″!

Good for Sun or Cisco switches that have bulk cabling coming off the front toward one side.

  • Network rack can be fit with any of our doors
  • Ships completely assembled
  • Made in the U.S.A. of American Finished Steel

Looking for server racks, network racks or cabinets? We’d love to help you find the right solution for your data center, wall, closet, remote location – anywhere you need to rack mount equipment! Check out our server, network rack and cabinet web page – or call us at 1-800-352-6631. After all, we do one thing (well, actually several things) (really well!) – server and network rack and cabinets (and accessories!)