Learn more about UCoustic 7250 Soundproof Wall Mount Racks

When you need quiet... The Ucoustic 7250 Series Soundproof Quiet Wall Mount Rack removes up to 15dB(A) of sound, dissipates 1.6kW of heat, and mounts to your wall. 

Feel like you are working on an airport runway? Loud IT equipment making you crazy? This acoustic wallmount rack will deliver great noise reduction up to 15dB(A). Thermal load capacity up to 1.6kW heat dissipation.

Less noise allows you to concentrate better, speak without raising your voice, and be clearly heard over the telephone by customers and colleagues.

Who buys these soundproof server racks?

Fortune 500, Education, Medical, Retail, Government, anyone needing to conserve floor space while greatly removing sound from loud equipment.

Ucoustic 7250 Features:

  • Removes up to 15dB(A) of sound
  • Up to 1.6kW heat dissipation
  • Locking front door & removable side panels
  • Open back for cables coming through walls
  • Top and Bottom baffles included with cabinet at no additional charge
  • Universal square hole mounting rails, 2 sets, front and back, adjustable
  • (3) Fans built into top rear of unit
  • 21.8" usable rack depth
  • Easy mounting bracket included with each cabinet to save time when installing
  • Supports up to 200 lbs*
    *Subject to proper wall support
  • Black powder coat finish
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