Server Room Cooling by Usystems


A New Generation of Data Center Cooling Systems.

ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers provide a more energy and space efficient cooling option versus traditional methods. These rear doors allow up to 106 kW of heat per cabinet while saving significant space compared to in-row cooling, CRAC units, or aisle containment designs. Utilizing water cooling – without the risk of leakage in thanks to the patented Leak Prevention System (LPS), the ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers chill the air at the rack level compared to the room level. This dramatically reduces energy costs. These doors can be retrofitted to your existing cabinets removing heat directly from the source and preventing exhausted heat from circulating in the room.  Learn more about Thermal Management with FlexMDC by Rackmount Solutions.



1) Key Features

• Up to 98% energy savings compared to CRACs
• Up to 45% energy savings over In-Row cooling options
• Lowers CAPex with fewer cabinets and higher densities
• Removes the need for aisle containment or raised floors
• Faster ROI and lower cost of ownership
• Increases hardware lifespan by removing hot spots
• No condensation! Operates above dew point
• Intelligently manage and control room temperature
• Monitor with a Room Management System (RMS)
• Cooling Capacity up to 45 kW per rack
• Remarkable PUE calculator
• Significantly faster deployment than alternative cooling
• Scalable design - Add cabinets and doors as you grow


2) Award-Winning and Trusted Design

The ColdLogik Rear Door Cooler boasts the most energy efficient data center cooling solutions available. Reduce capital expenditure, equipment costs, energy consumption, carbon footprint and real estate with ColdLogik.


3) Monitor, Manage, and Control

Control your room environment with the ColdLogik Management System (CMS). Each individual rear cooling door is intelligently managed for optimum efficiency. This intelligent cooling option allows for up to 98% energy savings compared to CRAC units and up to 45% energy savings over existing In-Row cooling options. The CMS controllers maintain the room ambient temperature while providing a remote access portal for full access and control of your environment.


4) Safe Water Cooling with Leak Prevention System (LPS)

Using “sensible cooling” the Leak Prevention System (LPS) maintains data center temperatures well above dew point preventing condensation. The patented design of the ColdLogik Leak Prevention System places all of the pipework and rear door coolers on a negative circuit preventing water from escaping due to loose fittings or breach in pipework. This small footprint cooling solution is modular and scalable allowing for quick expansion with very low costs and little interruption in your existing data center.


5) Quick Deployment for New or Existing Data Centers

A cost effective quick deployment for data centers, requirements for the ColdLogik Rear Door Coolers allow for a smaller footprint and for much higher density cabinets, in-turn allowing you to consolidate and save up to 30% of rack real estate. Deploy without the need for raised floors or aisle containment which decreases CAPex and reduces your construction schedule. Scalable design makes it easy to add additional server cabinets and rear cooling doors as your business grows.

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