Learn more about PRO-LCD™ Series UPS Battery Backup

Minuteman® PRO-LCD UPS from Rackmount Solutions provides Protection for Telecommunications and Data Processing Applications like spikes, surges, and more.

The PRO-LCD Series of UPSs offer complete protection from all electrical problems, including spikes, surges, sags, brownouts, and blackouts, while occupying little desktop or floor space.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) technology stabilizes power without the use of the internal batteries. The Minuteman battery backup boosts incoming AC power during low voltage situations while reducing incoming utility power during high voltage situations, preserving vital battery power for backup during blackouts and extending the life of the batteries.

Users can also benefit from lengthy runtimes thanks to the PRO-LCD's battery layout and highly efficient architecture. The unit is packed with more battery capacity than competitive models, which allows the PRO-LCD to keep equipment running longer when an outage occurs.

Designed for :

  • PCs
  • Telephone Systems
  • Data Communications
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