Learn more about InfraPower Switched PDU

The InfraPower WS-Switched Rack PDU Series is considered a mission critical essential rack mounted power distribution unit.

InfraPower WS-Switched PDU Series includes all the power monitoring features of the W version, but also incorporates the ability to switch on or off individual outlets remotely via InfraPower management software.

These switched PDU have the ability to “daisy-chain” numerous units together in order to remotely monitor temperature, humidity, data, reporting, alarm settings, etc., within your cabinet(s), as well offering the ability to switch outlets on and off as needed.

Units with "_M" are considered the “master” or “parent” unit if multiple are utilized. By purchasing the “Master” unit, it allows user to enter the system and monitor all daisy-chained PDU’s at the same time. Units without "_M" are typically the “child” unit.  These also offers remote management like the above, but without a “parent / master” unit, each PDU used would need to be monitored individually.

Key Features Include:

  • Temperature Humidity Monitoring

  • Power Factor Monitoring

  • Power (kVa, kW) Monitoring

  • Voltage (V) Monitoring

  • Current (A) Monitoring

  • Energy (kWh) Monitoring

  • ON / OFF Outlet Switching

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