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EMS 300 Environmental Monitoring System. The EnergyLok Environmental Monitoring System 300™ is a wireless sensor network manager built to handle signals from up to 150 wireless sensors throughout your data center. All of these sensors can then be displayed in a central easy to use and access web interface.

The new EMS 300 Wireless Environmental Monitoring System from Upsite Technologies addresses your monitoring needs from anywhere you access the internet. Remote in to view temperature, humidity, and leaks. Set alarms and notifications for hot spots or elevated moisture in the air. This EMS System deploys extremely fast with very little setup. Need to adjust the sensors from one cabinet to another? Move around your sensors with ease!


  • Central web interface
  • System includes upgrades, no subscription
  • Wireless design with receivers and antennas included for indoor and open air transmission
  • 418MHz or 433 MHz antenna – receives transmissions up to 100 feet (30.5m)
  • 900MHz antenna – receives transmissions up to 1300 feet (396m)
  • Easy, fast and low cost installation
  • ModBus, BACnet, and SNMP output readings for integration with building management systems (BMS) and network management systems (NMS)
  • Enable direct alarm notifications and stand-alone operation
  • Add Motion Detection, Door Sensors, Smoke Sensors, Temperature, Temperature with Digitial Input, Temperature & Humidity, and Leak Detection Sensors
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