Select IT: Must Have Rackmount and Wall Mount Brackets

Select IT: Must Have Rackmount and Wall Mount Brackets

Posted by Rackmount Solutions on Feb 13th 2019

We’ve all been there. Our rack is a different size than the equipment and we need to find a way to get it mounted. Either the server is too deep, or we have 19″ equipment for a 23″ rack and we’re not sure what to do. Luckily there are multiple brackets that can cure this problem without any headaches.

Selecting Server Rack Brackets

Problem #1 – Server rack is wider than equipment

Say you want to mount a 19″ power strip on a 23″ server rack, the quick solution is to use what are called “reducer brackets.” We offer these rack brackets in sizes of 1u to 5u with the option of 10-32 tapped holes or square holes.

Problem #2 – Server is much deeper than my server rack

Standoff Rack Brackets. These server rack brackets are extremely useful because they can extend or reduce the depth of the rack to line up your equipment appropriately. These only come in 10-32 Tapped holes with the option of 2u, 3u, or 4u in size.

Problem #3 – Need support for server rack equipment

If you’re mounting heavy equipment in your server rack and the vertical mounting rails don’t have the necessary strength to support the equipment you might consider adding adjustable angle brackets. These brackets take up either 0u or 1u of space depending on the version, but will offer 200 lbs of support. Choose a size from 18″ deep to 36″ deep and start supporting your equipment.

Server Rack Superheroes: Brackets

 Server Racks Terrorized by Problems that Drive IT Pros Crazy! Check out our Rackmount Bracket Must Haves

If seeing this headline brought up some fear in you, then you’re not alone. Trying to fit all of your equipment inside of your server racks can be a difficult task. But never fear… the server rack superheroes are here! These three rackmounting problem solvers are what customers ask about most often. So today they are coming to your rescue. We are going to show you why these are the heroes your rack deserves.

IT Professionals are always looking for the must-have items ready to use on short notice. Typically this IT utility belt includes tools, various rackmount screws, replacement fans, cable management, and a few blanking panels. Rackmount Brackets aren’t usually in the mix, but these small pieces of hardware are a lifesaver in the server room, data center, and network closet.

Angle Brackets: The Hulk of Your Server Rack

Like the Hulk, angle brackets do the heavy lifting and provide support for your important equipment. If you have a tower-type server that you need to place in a rack but want to save space, then angle brackets are your answer. Most tower servers can be turned on their side and placed on the angle brackets, and they take up less space that way. Or, if you have a deeper or heavier item (like a UPS) that does not have rear support, the angle brackets will mount onto both the front and rear rails of the rack. You can place your equipment on these brackets to provide adequate support. We sell both a 1U and a 0U option in multiple depths.

Standoff Brackets: The Iron Man of Your Server Rack

Need to provide a little extra depth for your equipment or need to mount a power strip extended away from your rack? Similar to Iron Man’s suit, standoff brackets will allow your server rack to do things you never thought it could. Standoff brackets come in handy when your server rack is too short or too deep. Use these brackets to add or remove 4 inches of depth from your rack! We sell these brackets in 2U, 3U, and 4U heights. Having a pair of these inexpensive brackets on hand can provide an excellent temporary solution while waiting on other materials, or simply solve your problems for less than $30. Be ready to be amazed by its powers!

Patch Panel Swing Brackets: The Spiderman of Your Server Rac

Just like Spiderman can swing from web to web, these patch panel swing brackets can swing from left to right to provide for easier access to the rear of patch panels in a fixed style rack. Rather than removing the patch panel from the rack to gain access, just use these brackets and easily swing the patch panel out. We sell these brackets in 1U and 2U models. They may be like Spiderman, but webs are not included.


Reducer Bracket

Available in 10-32 tapped or universal square holes these brackets allow you to mount 19″ wide equipment in a 23″ rack or much smaller equipment in a standard rack. Sold in pairs and available in 1u-5u sizes, these rackmount brackets are one of the most popular “I had no idea this existed” conversations.

Two-Post Conversion Brackets

As technology between network racks and data racks has slowly merged, more an more IT Pros have been in need of something to allow them to mount 4-post equipment on a 2-post rack. The previous solution was placing it on a center-mount two-post shelf, but now we have a much better option. Imagine the angle bracket mixed with a standoff bracket, combined with the concept of a reducer bracket and you have a two-post conversion bracket. Easily mount 4-post equipment on your 2-post rack. These are only available in a 2u size, but we carry 15″, 20″, 26″, and 31″ depth options.

After implementing these solutions into your server rack, you might end up being the one who feels like a super hero! Contact us at 1 (800) 352-6631 or go to our website for help solving any of your rackmounting problems. And remember: not all heroes wear capes!

PC Wall Mount Bracket

Where are your office computers? If they are on top of the desks they’re in danger of coffee and water spills, cable management is difficult and unsightly, and they can be prone to accidents. What if these computers are on the floor up against the desk? Now they are being kicked, treated as a footrest, or worse ignored gaining dust and restricted from airflow which lowers the lifespan of these units. So where can you place your computers to be away from harm, have quick access, and in a proper position for airflow and maintenance? On the wall.

Kendall Howard: Wall Mount Bracket

The Kendall Howard CPU / PC Wall Mount Bracket will open a new world of room for your desks while protecting your equipment. These units are Made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. Rather than crawling under your desk to locate cables, or plug in a USB, you now have easy access in raised away from your feet and free from water / coffee spills. The small investment for a wall mount can be justified in the added lifespan to your equipment and time saved from navigating cables on the floor.

Simple and Strong

The PC Wall Mount Bracket can hold up to 75 lbs, which would be a very robust machine. A few simple screws and this full assembled wall mount bracket is on the wall in minutes. We always preach organization whether through cable management, ladder rack systems, or proper airflow, and the CPU Wall Mount Bracket does just that, helps you get organized quick. Test the unit at one station and see how it makes a monumental difference.

If you need help deciding if the PC Wall Mount Bracket is right for you we can help. Talk to an expert at Rackmount Solutions by calling 1-800-352-6631 or simply complete the contact us form below.