Keep IT Organized : Wallmount Cabinets and Space Efficiency

Keep IT Organized : Wallmount Cabinets and Space Efficiency

Posted by Rackmount Solutions on Apr 15th 2020

When you don’t need a full server rack or cabinet, consider wall mount racks or wall mount cabinets. Enclosed or open, they are versatile, conserve space and are cost efficient. Our wall mount racks come in dozens of sizes, heights, depths and models. We can house a server room, tight closet, over-the-desk, classroom environment, supervisor area or warehouse.

Wall Mount Racks and Cabinets

Several of the wall mount racks have multiple options for front and rear doors including plexi, solid steel or vented. The rack rails are either 10-32 tapped or universal square.

All wall mount racks doors are lockable and secure. Units with locking doors are the WM series, DWR series, SBX series, SPM series and the WRS / WRP series.

We are the first to offer a 30”d fully enclosed, locking, wall mount rack for the longer servers models from Dell, Compaq and HP.

If security isn’t an issue, consider the plain wall mount rack, WM or SGR series. The SGR wall mount rack swings open, allowing easy manipulation of cables. The WM is a fixed version and extremely economical.

Four Keys to Selecting Your Wallmount Cabinet

With so many options of Wallmount cabinets and enclosures on the market it’s hard to determine which is best for your environment. Here are five of the most important factors to help you determine the best Wallmount Cabinet for you.

1. Wallmount Cabinet Height

Determining the height needed may seem obvious, but it’s an essential starting point. Collect the equipment you plan on installing and determine the number of U spaces necessary for your rack. A “U Space” is equivalent to 1.75 inches, so make sure you measure properly. While you may only need 8U of space now, it’s best to plan for potential future growth as well

2. Wallmount Cabinet Depth

With the minimum height determined, now we can focus on the internal depth of your wallmount. More and more wallmount sizes are being produced and you could easily see a variation of 11 inches deep to 30 inches deep. While your server might be roughly 18 inches in depth it’s best practice to factor in at a minimum three inches of additional internal depth for cabling, thus a 21 inch depth would be the minimum internal depth.

3. Wallmount Cabinet Weight

After finding a cabinet that both fits your height and internal depth, now we need to determine if the cabinet can hold the equipment based on weight capacity. For example, the Linier 9U Wall Mount Cabinet allows for 20.5 inches of internal depth and 9 total U spaces. This cabinet also has a total weight capacity of 150 pounds. However even if you wallmount can hold your equipment, you also need to determine if the wall you intend to mount on will handle this weight.

4. Wallmount Cabinet Features

There is almost a limitless variety of features for wallmounts. The style of wallmount could be fixed, swinging, vertical, NEMA 12, U-series, or relay style to name a few. If your wallmount enclosure includes a door you would be able to select a range of solid, perforated, plexi-glass, or smoked glass. Do you need the ability to remove side panels, do you need the cabinet to have a lock and key? All of these solutions are available at Rackmount Solutions.

If you need help selecting the best possible cabinet for your particular situation, we’re here to help.

Server Rack Space Issues?

It’s a common problem. Not enough room in your data center, your office, or smaller yet your data closet, but we still have to find a way to get everything into this space. Depending on the problem, we have various solutions for every kind of space issue. Our selection of Server Racks and Wall Mounts are as comprehensive as anyone.

Can I mount my servers vertically?

Absolutely. There are different options to mount your servers vertically and we have one of the only vertical 30″ deep vertical wall mounts on the market. Our VRS and WRS series of wall mounts range in sizes of 4u to 8u in a standard 23″ depth and 30″ depth. These are perfect for your server closet as you can still move around without a full size rack taking up most of the footprint. With the plexiglass top you still have the ability to monitor all of your equipment. These units are also lockable for extra protection.

The URack Series doesn’t just mount under a desk, you can easily mount to a wall and have your equipment stand vertically. What makes this unit unique is that on one side it has tapped rails while the other is universal square. No matter the equipment this rack can handle it.

My Server Racks take up too much space

If you need a more narrow server rack to utilize more space in your data center, consider the Slim 5 Open Frame 4-Post Server Rack. This rack has a narrow build allowing for more space for additional racks or equipment. With a narrow build you will need to understand how much equipment you are placing in these racks, as these have a smaller load capacity of 400 lbs.

Placing Server Racks in less common places?

The URack we mentioned is great for under a desk, but sometimes you need a more traditional rack that can still fit under a desk. This is where the mighty Cruxial 4-PostMini is the perfect fit. As strong as an ox (Supports 3,000 lb.) this adjustable 4-post rack works exceptionally well for any equipment from 22.5″ deep to 35.25″ deep. Add casters to this tiny titan and your 19″ wide mini server rack can practically go anywhere. This unit is one of our most popular due to it’s size, strength, and versatility. If you need help finding a rack for any situation we can help. Simply let us know your problem and we’ll find a handful of solutions for you while staying within your budget. Fill out a contact us form today or call 1-800-352-6631 to speak directly to an expert. You can always purchase any of these options online at Rackmount

All About Kendall Howard


Our Relationship with KendallHoward

KH has been one of our key partners since the beginning, and we truly believe that they product quality, top of the line, American-made products. We have a long-standing, trusting relationship with them, which has especially benefited our customers. With the help and dedication of KH we have been able to provide our customers with the best products, which include wall mounts, datacenter racks and cabinets, accessories, and so much more!

A Little More About Them

Kendall Howard has made a name for itself with its high quality products that are reasonably priced. Their innovation on anything from server racks to IT furniture is unlike any other. To add onto that their products are 100% made in the U.S.A., and they will even ship it out to you the same day you order. Additionally, their focus on network and security installations makes their products great investments in the long run. And while all KH products are great, we’ve chosen to highlight a few that are popular among our customers.

Wall Mounts

KH does wall mount cabinets really well. There are so many different options to choose from, and they all highlight great features.

NEW Shallow Depth Wall Mount Cabinet

In 6U, 8U, and 9U size racks, this new shallow depth wall mount is great for network and security installations. It even has an acrylic front door for visibility of equipment inside and a lock and key for added peace of mind that your valuable equipment is safe. Perfect for equipment up to 16 inches in depth, and has a weight capacity of 150 pounds. With 4 cable knockouts (2 top and 2 bottom) and 2 fan knockouts (1 top and 1 bottom), this data cabinet can keep your cables managed and even accommodate a fan to keep your equipment cool. One person can even install this shallow depth wall mount by using the hanging bracket that will assist during mounting. And we can’t forget the limited lifetime warranty.

LinierFixed Wall Mount Cabinet

In many different size racks (6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 18U, 22U) the Linier Fixed Wall Mount Cabinet boasts stability and durability. This data center wall mount truly is versatile and flexible and can be used for a variety of different applications. And that makes this wall mount a huge bang for your buck. Great for equipment up to 22 inches in depth and can support up to 250 pounds. You can even add a rack caster base for added mobility. Additional mounting rails are also available as an option to facilitate front and rear mounting of heavier equipment like UPS’s. The Linier Wall Mount also has fan knockouts on the top and bottom of the cabinet, as well as removable, locking side panels for access to equipment. Between fan knockouts and these removable side panels there are many options to increase airflow into the cabinet. In addition to removable side panels the doors are removable and reversible to facilitate either a left or a right swing. You can also choose from 3 different front door options: tempered glass, perforated, or solid. And we can’t forget the 5-year warranty.

Corner Wall Mount Cabinet

This Corner Wall Mount Cabinet from KH is one of the most unique datacenter racks out there. It is a class of its own and completely innovative. It is a patented design and the only EIA compliant wall mount cabinet on the market that can mount in a corner. It comes in 12U with a usable depth of 17.5 inches and a weight capacity of 650 pounds. This wall mount also has removable, locking side panels for access to equipment, which can also be removed to increase airflow into the cabinet. In addition, the doors are completely removable and reversible to facilitate either a left or right swing. With an easy one-man install this cabinet is great for classrooms, offices, or utility rooms, where wall space may be limited. Oh, and we can’t forget the limited lifetime warranty.